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Pharmacopeia Reflection Outline
Thesis Statement: Garbage gauges are an main ground in the ripeness of the US pharmacy
industry past USP has enhanced free maintenance from a heartinesscare team to determine noble tendency and safe
healthcare services.



Drug gauge concern in the Pharmacy Profession


The union of USP bicentennial Celebration


Source of Curiosity in the Week Content


Positive and Negative Outcomes of US Pharmaceutical Industry Maturity


The Impact of Pharmaceutical Maturation on Healthcare


What is Parallel betwixt the 1910s and today

(VIII) Conclusion


Pharmacopeia Reflection
Institution Affiliation

Pharmacopeia Reflection
Since the 1808 Massachusetts Pharmacopeia that supposing declare manage to garbage gauges,
there has been a ticklish marrow on tendency and prophylactic in heartinesscare in US. Created in 1820, the
USP has helped the cosmos-people population bring-about assurance in heartiness and heartinesscare (USP, n.d.). As
USP celebrates bicentennial in 2020, there is rejuvenation in tendency expectations in cord delay the
new manifestation and expectations. Over the years, the gauges own been routinely revised,
improving heartinesscare services in the US. This is too main to the Pharmacists vocation,



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