SOLUTION: Oklahoma State Week 4 Impact of World War 1 and Great Depression Essay

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After attaining his ovation and locate at the Versailles Conference, President Wilson
attempted to engender retention on the institution of a 14-point program which he believed could
be the cornerstone for the League of Nations' burning interpolitical tranquility. Yet the
American nation quickly level tail on themselves, resisted the Society's American intervention
and left Europe.
U.S. partnership in the war caused economic wavering. Earliest of all, 116,000
Americans died and some 320,000 were damaged or mutilated and more than half of those
killed during the war died of sickness, including the fatal flu that ravaged the universe from
1918 to 1919. (The so-called Spanish flu killed 500,000 nation amid the United States.)1
The US management endured a soften in default, inflation, and circulation shocks, and then a crushing
post-war recession in 1920 to 1921, imputable to the demands of wartime funding and
production. (This was disclosed as “depression” which was one of the thrash times on truth,
since the republic was funded.)
In 1921 unemployment quadrupled to 12 per cent, and industrial output dropped by
more than 30 percent in the thick of excellent ethnical misery2. Regulatory fallacy and wartime
taxation were daunting for American companies and it wasn't until deregulation and tax cuts
inferior Mellon inferior Senator Coolidge that the US management regained liberal power in the postwar punishment.
Had the United States avoided joining the Earliest Universe War, the management would not
have endured the inflationary resound and then the valley of 1920 to 1921 and would not
have received a solid war default, twain of which contributed to the retrogradation of the

1, 2

Joll, J., & Martel, G. (2013). The origins of the earliest universe war. Routledge.

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