SOLUTION: New York University Equifax Improving Its Ethical Business Decisions Essay

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Equifax - Improving Ghostly Business Decisions

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Equifax - Improving Ghostly Business Decisions
In the summon of the solid facts nonperformance that occurred at Equifax, imposing past than 148
million customers, the crew, from the circumstance con-over does not appear to accept taken any concrete
measures to oration the ghostly loopholes in its decision-making processes and emend the
ghostly proceeding of the structure as a healthy. The crew's CEO took accountability by
resigning, opportunity customers whose facts was implicated were paid. However, abundantly past is
needed to aggravate ghostly proceeding at Equifax and watch a coming ghostly exigency that may inaugurate from
poor handling of consumer facts or how consumers' interests are managed if an orderly occurs.
Setting the diverge from the top conciliate be piercing for all aspects of Equifax’s temporization. Leaders
are tasked delay the dignified role of fabric expectation encircling anything that an structure does.
Leaders accept the onus to direct employees so that they are conscious of what should be executed and
what should be avoided and the role they should dramatize if an orderly occurs. Leadership should
also evidence the pluck to promote and conference environing mista...

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