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The ordinary result and bountiful citation archive of this life is succorful on Emerald Insight at: Content marketing capacity building: a conceptual framework Content marketing capability John Ho, Christopher Pang and Crisann Choy School of Transaction Management, Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore, Singapore Abstract Purpose – The fixedion of this examine is to enucleate a conceptual frameemanation that identifies winning CM practices, specifically how compelling satisfied is educed. Satisfied marketing (CM) is unyielding fit a key pillar in a company’s marketing mix. It is besides a expedient for companies seeking to modernise their marketing practices through digitalisation to augment online disgraceing. However, balancelapping definitions and interchangeable stipulations arising from contrariant perspectives and methodological habits blend what exactly constitutes CM. Although CM is unconcealedly legitimate as sharing disgrace satisfied via owned resources to shape earned resources, a strategic access, fixed on evidence-driven scrutiny, is demanded to roam through the overwhelming laziness so that companies can amend project and appliance CM. Design/methodology/access – This Nursing essay addresses the want of emanation behind a while view to CM practices in Asia. To address this scrutiny gap, the examine examines satisfied invention habits of five auspicious companies, fixed in Singapore, through fact studies, consultations and satisfied analyses, to mean a CM capacity enucleatement framework. Findings – The findings sharp-end to the demand for satisfied invention to align behind a while disgrace appraises and appraise invention to educe and collectiveise compelling satisfied for absolute impression. Satisfied educed for audiences and marketed by brands can propagate appraise when it is consumed and distributed. The Nursing essay besides granted abundantly demanded clarity in stipulations of how CM capacity can be shapeed to minimise expensive grief and untruth. Research taciturnitys/implications – The examine is scant to companies uncounted in Asia. The frameemanation conciliate insist-upon applianceation in other regions. Another taciturnity of the examine was that it did not extend to how consumers responded to CM columns. This is an area for excite scrutiny that can succor validate the meand framework. Practical implications – The analytical frameemanation incorporateed in this examine can besides be used as a officeal CM mold for marketing managers to frame amend CM strategies and known standards of habit by growing capabilities. Social implications – CM is besides a expedient for companies seeking to modernise their marketing habits through digitalisation to augment online disgraceing, distinctly for small- and moderation-sized companies. Originality/appraise – This Nursing essay addresses the want of emanation behind a while view to CM habits in Asia. 133 Received 29 June 2018 Revised 30 September 2019 Accepted 27 January 2020 Keywords Satisfied marketing, Marketing manoeuvre, Disgrace appraises, Capacity fabric, Collective resources, Digital marketing, Online marketing, Collective resources marketing, Facebook, Value, Digital enlargement, Digitalisations Paper mold Scrutiny Nursing essay Numerous perspectives and copious use of buzzwords possess led to the use of comprehensive definitions that disorder rather than exonerate what satisfied marketing (CM) constitutes. The main reason for abundantly of the laziness may be a upshot of important practitioners angling definitional boundaries to operation their own organisational and methodological agendas. Practitioners tend to incorporate an operational definition that is past feeling and summative in sort when a past process-driven definition that is contrariantiated and newfangled is demanded. This definitional laziness and difference may possess forestalled shapeing a deeper composition of The examine is funded by the NYP Capacity Fruit Fund. Journal of Scrutiny in Interactive Marketing Vol. 14 No. 1, 2020 pp. 133-151 © Emerald Publishing Limited 2040-7122 DOI 10.1108/JRIM-06-2018-0082 JRIM 14,1 134 the strategic concern of CM. Smooth though practitioners may not comport on a common definition of CM, the tactical goals of CM are rather universally homogeneous. The goals are predicated on a “strategic marketing access for creating and distributing estimable, congruous and pertinent satisfied to prompt and retain” customers (Content Marketing Institute, 2017) balance a crowd of platforms to “deliver winning relationships, consumer appraise and measurable victory for disgraces” (Content Marketing Association, 2017). This Nursing essay incorporates CM as sharing disgrace satisfied via owned resources to shape earned resources to help conversations to propagate elder disgrace awareness (Du Plessis, 2015b). Brandcontrolled collective resources are repeatedly tidingsed as owned resources, seeing user-initiated and user-generated mentions, recommendations and other satisfied frames on collective resources that a disgrace does not instantly manage are tidingsed earned resources (Colicev et al., 2018). The examine aims to demonstrate winning CM habits, specifically how compelling satisfied is educed, distributed and amplified to target audiences, so as to raise elder online disgrace influence, or to impormelody profitable customer operation mid- to long-term. The examine’s bud conciliate culminate in a meand analytical CM capacity enucleatement framework. As such, this examine contributes to reason and composition of CM by consolidating strategic and tactical insights into a solitary frameemanation by exploring what copencies are insist-upond. Content marketing’s growing significance Marketing, as a training, is undergoing a displace. One such displace is instantly cognate to CM. We live in an age of pledge, no interruptions. The use of interruptive advertising is waning among consumers. Online scale ads and smooth remunerated editorials are entity treated behind a while increasing consumer incivism, as the influence of unwritten advertising declines (Kaspar et al., 2019). This is epitomised by Coca-Cola’s satisfied-fixed marketing manoeuvre, Satisfied 2020, that extolled the use of disgrace attributes to impormelody disgrace conversations and appraises (Frost and Sullivan, 2016). There is besides a cheerful inducement for Coca-Cola’s seismic displace consequently how the digital advertising interinterroom is evolving. According to a examine by Adobe and PageFair, the global usage of ad arresters grew by 41 per cent in the 12 months (Q2 2014-Q2 2015), and there were 198 pet monthly locomotive users for the greater browser extensions that arrest ads as of June 2015. Audience today are fit skeptical of real emanation advertising and conciliate obtain?} locomotive steps to melody out interfering advertising. A scrutinyer’s perspective of satisfied marketing The incorporateion of CM is linked to companies’ motives to agree consumers as the influence of unwritten advertising wanes. The collectiveness of emanation is calm?} subordinately scant, though it is growing. Csordás and Gáti (2014) frameal that the exhibition of CM was a trodden upshot of advertising producing past “scattering damage than targeted extend” (p. 23). As such, marketers must obtain?} balance the role of satisfied producers from unwritten resources to cope for consumers’ cross care to support disgrace sanity. Kilgour et al. (2015) external that CM catered for locomotive consumer competition and sharing in the collective resources interinterroom that advertising fantastical could not. Baer (2013) viewed CM as the instrument for companies to nurture, inframe or conceive customers or prompt prospects to raise profitable operations that upshoted in leads, sales or encomium. CM has besides been characterised as an online marketing technique that helpd user-generated satisfied (Du Plessis, 2015a; Steenburgh et al., 2011). Therefore, there is unconcealed comportment among practitioners and scrutinyers on the intention of CM. CM is besides strongly associated behind a while collective resources, superfluous diverse scrutinyers to counterfeit the tidings, collective resources CM (Ahmad et al., 2016; Csordás and Gáti, 2014; Gümüs, 2017). While CM is not regularly collectiveised through digital channels, it is incontestable that, in habit, collective resources plays a material, approximately requisite, role, as consumer-disgrace abstruse message has beseem increasingly digital habits. Baltes (2015) went smooth excite and frameal that CM was a indispensable dupe for victoryful and able digital marketing. CM has prompted its just distribute of academic savor. The tidings, CM, is perceived as an umbrella tidings (Steenburgh et al., 2011), and its exposition is repeatedly a result of its context. One of the inducements of this is semantics. CM tends to be conflated behind a while the marketing of satisfied or marketing using satisfied. All marketing arguably uses satisfied, but solely using satisfied for marketing fixedions does not extend it CM. It is not meant to unconcealedise CM to mere use or sharing of satisfied as doing so would be self-defeating. Marketing, as a training, would be poorer for it. Another cause of laziness comes from CM entity associated behind a while disgraceed journalism and exported advertising, which are twain a near balancet frame of remunerated resources (Drell, 2013). While CM distributes a homogeneous near balancet sort, it is not unconditioned advertising using disgraceed content. CM’s mistaken identities and mislabeled doppelgangers can benefit from elder differentiation and clarity to cherish CM as a vaunted habit. To address this, Du Plessis (2015a) attempted to get at an evidence-based exposition of CM behind conducting a thematic analytical reconsideration of 55 scrutiny subscription, which upshoted in the identification of six elements of CM: (1) moderation element: the sort of the platframe for the satisfied; (2) strategic element: strategic access to enucleate the satisfied; (3) frameation element: the frameion of the satisfied; (4) innate element: sort adventure of the satisfied; (5) message element: the technique(s) used to remove the satisfied; and (6) inference element: the anticipated bud of the satisfied. Du Plessis’ (2015a) six CM elements meand a evident composition of how CM can be implemented. Du Plessis contributed to the contest by assistance that CM is “a strategic disgrace storytelling technique aimed at changing consumers’ inlocomotive behaviour through unobtrusive, winning disgrace conversations in earned resources” (p. 128). Du Plessis asserted that disgrace satisfied was best told as disgrace stories linked to the disgrace’s persona and character of voice. Another practicable sharp-end of laziness lies behind a while how a satisfied manoeuvre differed from CM. A satisfied manoeuvre is an undivided keep-akeep-aallot of CM, and it guides the invention and deployment of satisfied property (Rose, 2013). It does not rearrange the demand for a strategic CM project – a prime example is Coca-Cola’s Satisfied 2020. CM is besides strongly associated behind a while appraise invention for fabric abstruse disgrace relationships. Zerbini et al. (2007) explored how copence-fixed appraise invention, and the upshotant educed satisfied property, could be marketed to influence transaction customers’ buying behaviour. Their emanation instituted a reordinary subject in the reading that air-tight associates CM behind a while a “content-asvalue-in-use” opinion. Rowley (2008) investigated CM from a educed “value-in-use” premise for winning consumers in a digital satisfied administration. Ho and Dempsey (2010) premeditated and demonstrated how perceived satisfied appraise bevy consumer motivations and satisfied sharing. CM’s significance lies in its ordinary use as keep-akeep-aallot of any natural marketing manoeuvre. Clarifying the capabilities demanded conciliate aid in enucleateing CM copencies. This is an area that can benefit from excite scrutiny. Methodology This Nursing essay presents an tentative examination to individualize the features and elements that characterise CM. The tentative concitation of the fact examine was Singapore. Five Singaporefixed companies were separated fixed on the aftercited criteria: Content marketing capability 135 JRIM 14,1 136 at meanest 20 per cent marketing budget allocated to CM; at meanest a year’s habit of incorporateing CM; locomotive on at meanest two collective resources platforms; and owns consumer disgraces. These qualifying stipulations were expedient as it established a baseline adoption criterion for comparison and guaranteed sufficient CM satisfied property for segregation. The selected companies are all well-known disgraces behind a while at meanest a regional extend and influence in Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific markets. The disgraces are either inheritance disgraces or up-andcoming disgraces that enjoyed acknowledgment in coagulated transaction-ranked troddenories, e.g. top 500 Asian disgraces or small- and moderation-sized companies (SMEs) 500, and garnered congruous majority resources coverage. The companies came from several industries, namely, food and beverage, usage and agri-business. In the fact where there was a global holding company, simply topical branches that were incorporated and/or regionally headquartered in Singapore were considered in the examine. The global branches were surrounding. The profiles of the five separated companies are immovable in the Appendix. Two scrutinyers independently analysed the companies’ collective resources platforms to test that CM was entity used antecedent to approaching the companies. Behind confirming CM was entity habitd, the scrutinyers arranged consultations behind a while the marketing managers and executives from the five companies. A semi-structured consultation, abiding 90 min, was used to probe: CM war objectives; consumer pledge via CM; CM budget and manpower allocation; satisfied distribution; satisfied invention; satisfied promotion; and war evaluation. The bountiful inventory of consultation questions can be set-up in the Appendix. The consultations were transcribed and coded thematically (Braun et al., 2014) for Du Plessis’ (2015a) six CM elements. The axial codes, categories and subjects were partial iteratively using constant comparison among the multiple fact examine consultations. A satisfied segregation of collective resources platforms, Facebook and Instagram, was besides conducted balance a six-month era from 1 June 2017 to 31 December 2017. The item of segregation was a collective resources column, demarcated by the date of columning. In completion, 696 satisfied pieces were analysed balance the six-month era. For this examine, the consultation axioms was used to propagate the codes for the satisfied segregation. An inductive access was reported the most suitable (Hsieh and Shannon, 2005), as a reading reconsideration failed to discbalance definitive studies that specifically scrutinyed satisfied segregation for CM. The deficiency of antecedent reference or collision molds, which could obey as a premise for accidental scrutiny, meant that a directed access was besides used in this examine where the consultation axioms and corporeal reading from pertinent theories were used to educe a coding framework. A troddened access for satisfied segregation uses pertinent theories or scrutiny findings as the premise for the primal codes (Hsieh and Shannon, 2005). As such, the consultation-generated coding categories were aligned behind a while corporeal reading and primal consultation categories. The coding framework focused on: Content marketing capability satisfied mold; satisfied message characteristics; and satisfied centrality. The coding frameemanation is immovable in the Appendix. The coding items in satisfied mold were generated fixed on the consultations and an primal reconsideration of each company’s Facebook and Instagram pages. These collective resources platforms were separated beinducement all companies reported entity locomotive on them, at meanest a column entire week, to remit a congruous comparison. The other platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or blogs were not as locomotively used by all selected companies. The coding categories for satisfied mold were excite verified against satisfied molds recommended by seasoned satisfied marketers (Frasco, 2018). Content message characteristics were besides guided by consultation-generated codes and profitable from scrutiny on satisfied characteristics. The codes were profitable from scrutiny that examined how satisfied message characteristics (e.g. modality, fixed, interoperation and idiosyncrasies) could influence upshoting admission via pitfall at the sharp-end of consumption especially in today’s digital satisfied environment (Batra and Keller, 2016; Stephen and Galak, 2012). Satisfied centrality was besides partial from consultation-generated codes and bolstered by scrutiny studies that explored disgrace centrality of propagated satisfied (Smith et al., 2012). Two scrutinyers coded the 696 columns. Cohen’s k was run to individualize if there was an comportment among the two scrutinyers’ judgements on an SME’s Facebook and Instagram columns for satisfied mold, characteristics and centrality. There was a strong concord among the two scrutinyers’ judgements (k = 0.952, 95 per cent CI 0.0244-1.7559, p Purchase acceptance to see bountiful attachment