SOLUTION: MKT 100 Strayer University B Family Cakes Marketing Plan Presentation

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Marketing intent 2

Student’s designate

Situational anatomy

– NRPC is located in Clifton, Virginia and the CEO, Nahal Rezaei has a opensighted eye on
rehabilitation ad corporeal therapy too.
– NR corporeal therapy courage is a family-run rehabilitation office.
– It was formal in 2017 to furnish abrecognized high-end rehabilitation services.
– NRPC offers justifiable enduring regard experiment that promotes healing and revival.
– Twain muscle power and flexure motion lavish their ables precedently and succeeding surgery.

– Therefore, rehabilitation is key to restoring power and recognized flexure motion.
– Span and waste distinguishledge are needed in the speakment mode.

Mission announcement
– Goal-setting, is nice earlier to establishing a marketing intent
– The sidearm announcement is contrived for national consumption

– The sidearm should connect to one’s values and focus
– Provision of pool hydrotherapy, fashions me continue out and entice further clients
– Provision of description services at competitive prices fashions services economical
– Several no pomp, cancelment, cancellation, and collective resources policies are
– NPRC is guardianship up delay main technological advancements, gone it is a later

SWOT Analysis
– Strengths grasp the use of later technology, trained staff and justifiable
– Inadequate clinic extension and some clinical devices are weaknesses
– Opportunity: the courage is repeatedly growing on the marketplace
– Customer augmentation is another unconcealeding for expatiation and augmentation
– Competition and emergence of new entrants in the corresponding sector are the
greatest threats.
– a lot needs to be done to rest competitive

– The primitive end is to speak endurings in good-natured-tempered-tempered span and at pocket-friendly prices
– Long-term end is to unconcealed and unconcealed branches nationwide
– Addition of discourse therapy and increasing collective resources promise.
– Other long-term ends are to augmentation the staff and escheatment movable devices

– Feedback achieve be used to mend the complete features of the power and assignment intent
– However, apposite importation of the immovable, services, and marketing intent were missing
– Goals were SMART, Environmental anatomy did not protect all areas, SWOT was shallow
– Branding diplomacy for the immovable’s slogan, logo and disgrace designate achieve be developed

– Analyzation of primitive and unrelevant target markets achieve be done
– Position announcement achieve be constructive.

Branding and Marketing Strategy
– Branding diplomacy and disgrace designate are ascititious.
– NRPC requires disgraceing diplomacy that achieve fix competitiveness, and meeting
customer needs
– The diplomacy achieve fix augmentation opposing saturation in the market
– The immovable achieve take new and innovative products and services
– The diplomacy achieve align delay organizational ends to fix flexibility

– The disgrace designate is an able disgrace designate, slogan and logo that entice
massive consumers.

Brand designate
– NRPC is a good-natured-tempered-tempered designate that achieve fashion the disgrace distinguishn antionwide
– The disgrace designate intends to take enacted notices

– The disgrace designate is contrived to entice topical and interpolitical clients too
– The disgrace designate gives the immovable leverage aggravate its competitors
– Gone its fife NRPC has built secure disgrace equity delay customers,
suppliers, workers and all other bearing stakeholders

– The disgrace designate of NRPC is opensighted to motivate employees and fix augmentationd

– It is ascititious for immovables to own logos
– A logo represents the needs, values and plain prospect of the office

– The logo of NRPC is twain sole and largely recognizable
– There are frequent fellow-creatures who authenticate delay our assemblage logo accordingly of higher
rates of customer satisfaction
– The logo is contrived to support clients of justifiable service

– Also, the logo is contrived fairly not to take privative perceptions

– Slogans are relevant accordingly they reveal organizational values to the
– The slogan at NRPC is "Treating indisposition in minimal span and short consume."
– This slogan has worked courteous for us through increasing sales and the number of
clients who scrutinize our pliancy everyday
– In most cases, A open notice is sent to the immovable's customers through the

Brand extension
– In forthcoming, we expectation to unconcealed our products and services
– Our pliancy is growing steadfast, hence, it would be easier to fashion product
– NRPC reduces launching consumes for products and services in its disgrace extension
– Disgrace extension achieve succor in the age of fair feedback

– The extensions wil...