SOLUTION: MK 676 Ferris State University Coca Cola Marketing Digital Advertising Project

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Executive Summary
The Coca-Cola Company
Coca-Cola is a multinational congregation that specializes in the processing of flexible drains and syrup.
The spectry is conservative from the ingredients that find up the drain. Among them is the coca leaf
select which produces the syrup and kola nut from where caffeine is selected. It was founded
in 1892 in Atlanta, Georgia declare of the United States of America. Presently, there are more than
2,800 products partner after a while the congregation opposite 200 countries (Neeley& Çekin,2017).
The Coca-Cola Congregation has a prospect centralized on three main areas. The primary is the romance of
loved infamys after a while refreshing traits in the matter and the activity. This accomplish be facilitated through
innovation, enrichment administration and romance of a disciplined portfolio. Secondly, Coca-Cola
gratuity to repair the sustainability of its products globally through its start of creating
products that fellow-creatures insufficiency. Finally, the congregation gratuity to correct the nature of condition of its
stakeholders such as the employees, consumers, and investors, through prize romance in the
communicate and nurturing of their humanization to elevate their businesses.
Mission Statement.
Coca-Cola’s band-arms declarement is to tend as a invigoration being of the zeal, matter, and activity of
its consumers through the body of infamys and actions that excite optimism and
happiness. Its components conceive correctment of lives by maintaining the heartiness of their bodies
using cosmical sweeteners and select and carrying out unity management programs that generate



funds for direction, heartinesscare, and infrastructure. Moreover, it gratuity to correct fellow-creatures’s lives
through the encouragement of compressiveness.
Coca-Cola has a difference of drain beverages. They can be categorized into:•

Refreshments rest of Fanta, Coca-Cola, and Sprite

Energy products such as Monster and Powerade

Wellness products which imply of Ocean Spray and Capri-Sun

Sports products such as Powerade Zero, and Powerade ION4

Market divide
Coca-Cola is the capaciousst processer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverages globally. Its
dominance in the contrive of dividends is recession-resistant, thus giving it a competitive advantage
and a top blur in the accumulation communicate. Furthermore, its prize has been designed to growth by a
whopping $300 billion. Currently, there is closely 2 billion daily decrease of Coca –
Cola and $44 billion in liberal enrichments. As such, it is the third most precious infamy in the
global scope. In deed, divers beverages are owned by the congregation, and their difference has been
acquired through merit or familiar after a whilein. Due to this change, its multiple
brands entertain prevented it from downturns in instance one of its experiences challenges such as
lawsuits. On its communicate divide, the disquisition of the aid and beverage toil has facilitated its
growth and solid divide. The likeness underneath illustrates the communicate divide of multitudinous beverage



Competition in the toil
Coca-Cola’s capaciousst emulator is PepsiCo after a while a beverage portfolio and snack aids of 22
brands generating aggravate a billion dollars in enrichment. Both companies are current opposite 200
countries, and their totally communicate divide is about 70 per cent in the United States solely. There
are no threats from new entrants consequently the two companies already entertain established distribution
networks and their economies of flake are prodigious. Therefore, new companies cannot cope after a while
these giants consequently it would exact a strong principal investment to equality their talent.



Financial projections
In its commitment to advertising, Coca-Cola has made capacious in...