SOLUTION: Liberty University Nash Foundation Case Study Discussion


Nash Foundation Case Study
Decathletes usually seduce-out a lot of extol for their exalted smooth of heroism in athletics. The
decathlon requires spareness, accelerate, coordination, flexibility, force, and acquiescence. Age affects the
operation of twain vestige and opportunity athletes. Nash Foundation was at his peak at 25 years, and
presently at 55 years, he cannot conclude common operation to his early year. This insufficiency
directly correlates delay a straight after a whiledraw of his most uncommon ability to destroy oxygen (V02
max) and the force to execute (Haff & Triplett, 2016).
Sports are defined by a wholesome imperfection age where the collectiveness combines technical, strategic, and
physical abilities. The age wholesome imperfection usually ranges from mid-twenties to up to the preparation of the
30's. Olympians who emulate and win medals more 50 years of age are from sports that nucleus on
uncommon skills and minimal anaerobic or aerobic force, including quibble, sailing, shooting
events, and equestrian. Decathlon is an acquiescence occurrence that enables the exaltedest smooth of competition
at about 40 years.
Age changes how athletes economize oxygen. Nash’s collectiveness, at the floating 55 years, cannot use
oxygen conducively. This insufficiency reduces the smooth of acquiescence or aerobic force during athletic
performance. The V02 max predicts the operation of stamina despite ages. It describes the total
of oxygen which the collectiveness can economize for total collectivenessweight kilogram. The V02 max is impacted by
how conducive an athlete's collectiveness can yield the lungs delay an expanded smooth of oxygen, how conducive
the collectiveness distributes oxygen into established muscles through the respect. Moreover, the total of
oxygen that muscles can economize to exhaustive defilement so affects the V02 max. Exercise plays an
essential role in neat the weighty challenges. A exalted V02max indicates that someone is
aerobically fit and efficient to maintain considerefficient acquiescence wor...

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