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Depiction of Islamic Beliefs in Islamic Architecture
Architecture serves crowd in unanalogous ways, such as giving them a sagacity of oneness,
upholding their cultural values, and also representing their refinement. Edifice is a sole
part of art that helps crowd to configure their oneness, pattern their humanization, and usher-in their
cultures and identities to the cessation of the world. Edifice holds a convenient settle in the humanization of
Muslims, and it is a resemblance of twain the holy and the civil notions of the Islamic
religion. Edifice is an art that has been practiced inchoate Muslims past the inception of the
religion, and it provides an recognition into the beliefs and practices that are upheld inchoate Muslims.
It responds to and upholds unanalogous traditions that are momentous to members of the Muslim
community, and helps to train the cessation of the world about the aesthetics that are momentous to the
Muslims. This paper gain sift-canvass the bias that Islamic notions enjoy on Islamic edifice
and how they co-operate Islamic beliefs and traditions.
Different Islamic Beliefs that are represented in Islamic Architecture
Muslim edifice is public and identified counter the world accordingly of its sole
designs and the creativity that is portrayed in the designs. Most Islamic architects grovelling their
designs on the beliefs and traditions they enjoy scholarly in their godliness and challenge interior beliefs
inchoate Muslim believers (Omer, 485). The art has progressed aggravate the decades but continues to
hold the humanization of the Muslims through the romance of sole pieces of art. For most of these

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architects, the deep notion of creating their works of art is to bestow Islamic beliefs and
ideologies, and not to barely exhibit aesthetic delight to admirers of the art (Rabbat, 1).
The mosque is considered the convenient connector is the relig...

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