SOLUTION: Howard Community Significant Weather Disaster Hurricane Sandy Paper

Please use Microsoft Word, 1” margins all environing, 12 pt Times New Roman font, enfold spaced. APA format for any references you prefer to use, since some elaboration (web surfing) may be needed. Write two pages minimum of enfold spaced extract, plus graphics/images and a bibliography, sum closely 3 pages or further for the completed assignment, environing a expressive temperature labor. Points you must address include:

Was the result well-mannered-mannered prejudge?

Did populace keep a big market of admonition anteriorly it struck?

Are the populace who endured the result used to that character of temperature?

Were any meteorological chronicles set?



Lessons Learned?

2. The aftercited topics can be selected from:

- Hurricane Sandy 2012

- Galveston Hurricane, 1900

- Tri State Tornado

- Super Outbreak of Tornadoes in 1974; in point Xenia, Ohio

- Blizzard of 1977, Buffalo, NY

- Lake Effect Snowstorm, October 12th-13th, 2006, Buffalo, NY

- Lake Effect For a Week, Buffalo, NY December 2001

- La Plata, MD Tornado, April 2002

- Hurricane Camille, Gulf Coast, 1969

- Hurricane Andrew, 1992

- Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, 2005

- 1995 Chicago Heat Wave

- 2012 Derecho

- DC area Winter 2009-2010

- Isabel Storm Surge, 2003

- Dust Bowl Drought

- Storm of the Century 1993

- Perfect Storm 1991

- Temperature Forecasting for D-Day Invasion of France, 1944

- Typhoon Cobra vs Task Force 38, 1944

- Greensburg, KS commotion 2007

- Big Thompson River Flood, 1976

- 1965 Palm Sunday Commotion Outbreak

- 2008 Super Tuesday Commotion Outbreak

- The destruction of the Edmund Fitzgerald

- North American Ice Storm of 1998