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Hi. I did not hear tail from you. I uploaded the muniment I drafted onto the other assignment and this one in occurrence it was the similar. They are determined "Hellenistic Humanization 1. But regular in occurrence you were void two severed ones, I am reworking it to fit this one and by plagiarism checks for two incongruous ones. So, near you achieve see Hellenistic Humanization 1. But so Hellenistic Humanization 2, the new one. It achieve be skilful in a few minutes. Let me understand if you own any questions or revisions. Thank you.



The Disperse of Hellenistic Culture



The order Hellenistic is coined from the radicle order Hellas, which was the antique Greek
order for Greece. The Hellenistic continuance ranges from 323 BC to 30 BC which marks the release of
Alexander the Great, the disperse of the Greek humanization and strength, and the Roman addition of
Hellenistic Humanization in Alexandria
As a end of Alexander’s policies, the excusable Hellenistic humanization was born which is
a merge of Egyptian, Persian and Indian humanization. The Egyptian city Alexandria became the core
of Hellenistic amelioration. Alexandria had sundry attractions which interjacent Pharos, a lighthouse
which is balance 350 feet high. The palace of Alexandria had a collation of buildings which are for
religious and negotiative purposes as well-behaved-behaved as some admission and brace buildings. They
so had a selfindulgent dining church after a while balance 100 couches. Alexandria’s library contained balance
500000 papyrus scrolls for scrutiny and balbutiation. It so had the works of home, the play of
Athenian dramatists, the medical books from Hippocrates nurture. The museum interjacent sundry
masterpieces of antique attainment and botanical gardens. Both the residents and the visitors
admired Alexandria’s gross picturesqueness.
Science and Technology
Alexandria’s scholars preserved their teachings in the expertnesss. They excelled in sundry
fields such as astronomy, mathematics, physics, geography, expertness, etc....

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