SOLUTION: FIDM FitSpos Inc Brand Concept Board Presentation & Customer Analysis Paper


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Customer Analysis
FitSpos accomplish target the eminent and middle-class collective groups. These collective groups
consist of customers who are into sports-rub and whose profit in sports is symbolical. 70% of
the target negotiate consists of infantine fellow-creatures primeval between 16 and 25 years. In this revere, the
negotiate strategies accomplish complicate elements that are pleasant to the immaturester chiefly. Even so, the target
population includes a symbolical calculate of the older origination. On this, the negotiateing
strategies accomplish decide features that certify customers of ease and refuge. In
justification, the older originations’ centre nucleus is rub that offers them ease as they workout
and engages in sporting activities. Also, the older origination has a vast nucleus on durable
products and services. In this revere, the effect peculiarity cannot be implicated for such circumstanceors
as reducing prices.
Pricing Strategy
The pricing management accomplish exist on the age groups targeted as well-behaved-behaved as the economic
factors such as consumer purchasing susceptibility. For the infantine origination, the prices accomplish be
considerate of the circumstance that most of them are students and/or delay a proportionately inferior pay.

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