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Can you acceleration delay the assignment on Utility, Elasticity and Demand?

Assignment 2: Utility, Elasticity, and DemandFor this assignment, conclude that you are in carry of maneuvering a result antagonism for a new shampoo.Assignment Guidelines, Part 1Prepare a 2-3 page article in Microsoft Word to harangue the following:Describe the last aim of the result antagonism for the new shampoo.Discuss your methods for achieving this aim.Identify the components of chaffering, pricing, and arrangement for the antagonism.Include in your response a discourse and decomposition of the concepts of advantage, appraisement elasticity, and require.Assignment Guidelines, Part 2Using Microsoft Excel:Prepare a graph which interprets the desired goods of the chaffering antagonism as a alter in chaffer equilibrium delay allusion to appraisement and division adjustments.Prepare another graph to interpret how a veer in consumer advantage affects the appraisement elasticity of require.Copy and paste or drift these graphs into the MS Word muniment you skilful in Part 1 of this assignment.(Tutorials for launched delay MS Excel and MS Word can be ground through theTutoring Services and Tutorialslink at the top of the page.)Remember, quotations, paraphrases, and ideas you get from books, subscription, or other sources of counsel should be cited usingAPA name. Acceleration delay citing sources can be ground through theAcademic Resourcespage underCourse Home.Save your MS Word smooth including your graphs using the smoothname