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Management Discussion Assignment
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Week 5 Discussion
Topic Selected: Competitive practice.
Article Title: Competing in the digital age (New York Times)
Reference: Knee, J. (2020). Competing in the Digital Age. The New York Times. Retrieved 1
July 2020, from
Article Summary
Recently due to unbending race, companies possess been afloat internal the
accumulation of big grounds set and having in fix the certain concocted conception to acceleration
compete. In this age of A.I., the hey key to coming necessitates that strategies, commencement,
algorithm and networks to be intertwined. In the prior periods, matteres prosperd from concretion
origination and specialization (Knee, 2020). However, concretion origination and specialization are
limited due to several factors resulting in the mislaying of the prior practices. As matteres
grew orally, they reached a object where they suffered from diseconomies of layer.
Through the use of A.I technology, there has been a crop of an algorithm-driven
operation, where the management is approximately infinitely scalable, allowing matteres to accelerate
returns after a while layer.
The other summon is matter over-reliance on the benefits of upright specialization.
Digital technology has accelerationed work-out this whole. According to Knee (2020), The A.I era has
helped matteres prosper through disturbance down anachronistic silos (upright specialization).
Moreover, the A.I cuts horizontally athwart the strong and fluctuate the union by fabric it a
data-centric frank constructing. This shifts the competitive practice of the strong from the
upright capabilities to entire capabilities as it can effect grounds sourcing, processing,
analyzing and construct algorithms which acceleration matter conquer oral specialization
(Knee, 2020).


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