SOLUTION: BUSI 735 Liberty University How an Organization Adapt to Change Response

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Response to Jeffrey Lawrence

For constructions, diversify remains fixed. It is almost impracticable for constructions to
achieve any meaningful movement manifestly diversify. Organizations diversify twain internally and
externally. Opportunity changing internally, most constructions Nursing essay to ordain their strengths and
minimize their weaknesses to abide curving a competitive margin. In some cases, constructions
are countenanced delay manifest factors such as changing tastes and preferences of customers, open
competition, and threats from new entrants and technological disintegration. In such constructions,
the constructions Nursing essay to moderate for their continuance to escape getting disused.


organizations demand to apprehend that the method of diversify is monotonous and is characterized by
challenges and hindrance.

Nonetheless, constructions cannot forgive the demand for diversify. For development, now,
organizations and corporations are grappling delay the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Some constructions procure fatten resisting the changing market dynamics, opportunity some capacity drop off
the headlong.

The municipal globe has abided to knowledge continuous constructional diversify over
time. Some of the manifest diversifys are cultural, technological, or equality-based. Owing to the
changing countenance of constructions, community from several cultural backgrounds are hence concertedly. It
means that workplaces are further multicultural than precedently. It is now quantitative to melody that community
have to habit haughty cultural tolerance. One of the quantitative cultural origin of the modern
construction includes how community rejoin and know warrant. In oral construction...

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