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Running Head: UNIT III EXAM


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Trace and argue the junction of traffic and dealing betwixt the cultures of this unit
and their property on universe fact. Include the silk roads (sand and sea, too) the Islamic
Empire, universes of Christendom, China during the Ming Dynasty, and abutting the Atlantic
Ocean to the Americas.
Indeed, there was an intense need in having an sway for the Islam who were into the dealing
for a crave space since the exposure of dealing had been increasing and different distinctly in China. As
well, another very main being was the upshot involving having the bearing of property into the
markets of Fra East which was made potential through the wide influence by the Ming Dynasty.
This implication was a definitive trudge towards the transformation, enlargement, and bud of dealing
betwixt the cultures that lived incompact the countries and regions. Through the silk roads, there was
the availability of property in further places that promoted exchange. The silk was very-much desired due
to its appealing smoulder and the unmanly texture. Property were thus largely delighted into i...

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