SOLUTION: BE 200 ARABOU Almarai E Commerce Engage Analysis & Market Strategies Questions

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Question one
In the novel earth, distinct companies entertain opted for electronic trading activities so
that they can penetrate their clients who are far loose from the regions where they usually enjoy-effect or
manufacture their products. About this, Arabian companies entertain majorly adopted this novel
technology to emend their advantage to their customers and clients. In our con-over, I shall love to
focus largely on the Almarai audience. In Saudi Arabia, The tidings Almarai resources green
pastures, and the audience began as coming as 1976 and its headquarters located in the city of
Riyard, which is besides set in the principal city of Saudi Arabia.
Products offered
Almarai is an integrated construction that deals majorly delay subsistence and beverage products,
which are majorly obtained from its dairy shops. The audience later signed a co-operation contract
delay PepsiCo, which has enabled it to command the earth negotiate through the victuals of its
dairy products. Relatively it provides exceedingly salubrious subsistence as well-mannered-mannered as beverages in total Saudi
Arabia in point and in the all earth in open, for in, and the construction has
developed exceedingly and besides provides uncertain products which can be categorized into three types.
They embrace dry liquids love milk, yogurt, and deserts (Ajay and Hargamoodi, 2017). The
second mode is subsistence products, for in, butter, ghee, and the definite bunch entity bakery
products love provisions and biscuits. Other than its formation activities, the construction besides invests
significantly in recruitment, in-particular in stipulations of drudge, so that it can adhere-to their high
standards in the negotiate and besides acceleration them negotiate their products broadly.
Creation of customer-driven strategy



Almarai audience has a straightforward profit in their customer's prosperity and are seriously
working tirelessly to adhere-to and besides invite new customers. To design this, they entertain
developed distinct strategies that are largely aimed at penetrateing their customers twain at the local
and interdiplomatic levels...

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