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Effect of Political Resources and Technology on New Organizational Communication
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Effect of Political Resources and Technology on New Organizational Communication
Modern organizations economize technology in their message processes to rectify the
level of competency and effectiveness in organizational operations. One of the invariably used
message technologies is political resources (Bruhn & Ahlers, 2017). Most organizations today
have at last a page in widely used political resources platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and
Twitter, that they use to extend their manifold target assemblys (Kampf, 2018). One of the notable
organizations that economize message technologies is Apple Inc., which operates in both
domestic and global markets.
Embracing new ways of message and utilizing political resources has enabled
companies, such as Apple, to extend a deviate assembly more effectively and efficiently at a
relatively inferior require. Kampf (2018) opines that new companies can produce political resources pages
and websites where they can stipulate after a while millions of customers at one date. Although Apple Inc.
does not use political resources to hawk, it uses it to stipulate manifold stakeholders and propel events that
enable it to perform great sales opposite the globe (Thao & Tsanthaiwo, 2017). Moreover, Apple Inc.
uses political resources to repress its consumers updated on its products, but its influence on political m...

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