SOLUTION: Auburn University Chapter 13 Managing in a Global Environment Analysis Paper

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Global Environment

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International Manoeuvre and Organizational Structure
Every space a unshaken moves to an interdiplomatic experiment, the scarcity to graft favorable
strategies and constructional constitution is paramount. A qualify in the operational environment suggests
a forcible qualify in the bargain. As Coca-Cola expands to Burma, it has to market after a while new
employees, laws, cultural practices, and customers. Generally, there are diverse new stakeholders
in the compact of arrangement of the unshaken has to market after a while (Ciafone, 2019). To adjust them,
they should be a forcible intercharge in the cultivation of the construction, arrangement
channels, and constitution.
International Strategy
Coca-Cola is already an certain unshaken disclosed to multifarious commonalty in the universe. However,
expanding its provide in Burma media confrontment new challenges. For illustration, allowable and political
challenges. As the unshaken settles in the tract-of-land, it has to comply after a while the allowable authorities on its
processes and arrangement. This media preliminary desire routes due to stretch allowable formalities
requirements. Thus, the primitive and most severe manoeuvre that the construction has to observe is
forming a strategic coalition. Coca-Cola should perceive co...

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