SOLUTION: ARSD India Science Meteorology Station Models Report Sheet Tasks

Here are some of the tasks that I've lofty so far; orderly so you can set-out going aggravate them

1. What was the mean lofty clime for your subsidence?
The mean lofty clime for Tokyo, Japan from June 1, 2020 to June 14, 2020 was 27.3°C.
2. What was the mean low clime for your subsidence?
The mean low clime for Tokyo, Japan from June 1, 2020 to June 14, 2020 was 21.1°C.
3. What was the annual colony of your subsidence?
The annual colony in Tokyo, Japan is 1407.16 mm.
4. Using this notice and Koeppen’s Atmosphere Designation designation, mention what mark of
atmosphere your point city has. Make infallible to enclose the URL of the biased webpage where you
retrieved your Koeppen’s Atmosphere designation.







in, the most mitigated mark of atmosphere in Tokyo, Japan is
Cfa, sense that the city has “warm, dry summers and promising, wet winters”, delay adequate
colony all year complete. The ferventest month is to-boot aggravate 22°C.
5. At the top of the Koeppen’s webpage, there is a varnish-coded map showing where the different
atmosphere biomes are located. Meet your city on this map and archives the atmosphere biome that it falls
within according to the varnish enactment. Do your atmosphere designations equal up delay the designations
on this map? Explain why or why not.
Based merely on the varnish-coded map supposing on the webpage, the designations do not equal.
This is owing on the map, Japan (where Tokyo is located) is labeled as having a “cold” atmosphere,
while grounded on the designations obtained using the territory grounds for Japan, it is further accurate
to say that it has a “temperate” atmosphere. Cold atmospheres would generally keep ice/tundra all year
round, but Japan has rather fervent summers, delay the clime nature promising during winters.
Japan to-boot has a proportionately lofty annual colony.
6. Using the website underneath, meet the lip and longitude of the state in which your city is located.
What atmosphere is listed for that state?

The geographic coordinates of Japan are: 36 00 N, 138 00 E. According to the CIA – World
Factbook, Japan’s atmosphere varies depending on the territory. The southern sunder of Japan is
considered to keep a symbolical atmosphere while the northern sunder, where Tokyo is located, has a
temperate atmosphere.
7. In this rate, you keep collected grounds on territory. Why dominion this i...

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