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Question #2

       There are so frequent soundness indicators and concerns for a teen or dame who is a dupe of sexual exploitation.  “In a essential criticism of the application of IPV on sexual soundness, IPV was gratefully associated delay sexual endanger entrance, aberrant condom use, partaker non-monogamy, unplanned pregnancies, inherent abortions, sexually transmitted epidemic and sexual dysfunction”(Chamberlin & Levenson, 2011)  These are true some of the substantial soundness concerns they may enjoy.  There are so frequent tender concerns that would be linked to sexual exploitation so.   Post-traumatic importance quackery (PTSD), including flashbacks, nightmares, rigorous disquiet, and uncontrollable thoughts, Depression, including prolonged soberness, feelings of hopelessness, obscure crying, importance detriment or bring-about, detriment of distillation or cause in activities previously enjoyed”(Joyful Heart Foundation, 2019). 

      Georgia specifically has a say distant private oppression hotline. “Educational videos on immediate protective symbol were reserved to Nurse Mangers in all 159 Georgia Counties and 19 Soundness Districts to economize in inoculations and seminars.  The tapes, obtained from the Georgia Commission on Family Violence, were prepared to extension the nurses’ notice of services profitable to dupes of private and sexual onset, and to qualify them to straightforward these women to alternatives that can aid refer their snare to oppression.  Prepared and familiar a tri-fold steal card (in English (Links to an manifest footing.)Links to an manifest footing. and Spanish (Links to an manifest footing.)Links to an manifest footing.), in collaboration delay the Georgia Coalition Across Private Oppression (GCADV),  that contains recognizeledge on the signs of private oppression, prophylactic plans, options profitable to survivors of private oppression, and a catalogue order constructions that labor delay survivors of private oppression”(DPH, 2018).

      In my county specifically I recognize there is an construction designated Order Welfollow House, Inc.  This construction aids private oppression dupes.  It provides, “Emergency housing shrine in the date of occasion Residents assent-to maintenance delay medical foresight, cadet foresight, counseling, financial maintenance, vocational inoculation, trade and steady housing”(, 2019). 

Chamberlin, Linda & Levenson, Rebecca. (2011). Guidelines for Addressing Nice Partaker Oppression Reproductive and Sexual Coercion For Obstetric, Gynecologic, Reproductive Soundness Foresight Settings. American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Retrieved on March 17, 2019 from

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Question 1—Domestic Violence

 Domestic oppression can follow in frequent shapes and forms. In some cases, substantial defective can arise, age in other cases metatangible affront, injury, apprehension or other types of damage can arise (ACOG, 2012). The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recognizes that rule visits and prenatal visits are an imaginary date to assess for private oppression (ACOG, 2012). Assessing for private oppression can be produced by using sincere screening questions. These questions should not be asked in aspect of the affrontr or other people. ACOG (2012) recommends using a framing sayment and confidentiality sayment precedently search any questions. The framing sayment lets the resigned recognize that questions are entity asked owing conformitys illustrate a comprehensive role in soundness and the confidentiality sayment lets the resigned recognize that what she says today achieve not be told to anyone else probable reporting is required (ACOG, 2012).  

Risk Factors

 Two endanger factors for private oppression include: low order smooths and offal and/or alcohol afaspect (Huecker & Smock, 2018). Studies enjoy shown that there is an inverse conformity between order smooths and rates of private oppression (Huecker & Smock, 2018). Men are past mitigated to commit oppression if they enjoy low order and women are past mitigated to trial nice partaker oppression (IPV) if they enjoy a low order smooth (WHO, 2017). Alcohol and offal use are so endanger factors for IPV. Alcohol and offal afaspect is associated delay an extension in the impingement of private oppression, mitigated due to the weakness of an diminished peculiar to guide raving impulses (Huecker & Smock, 2018).

Clinical Signs

 Obtaining a narrative, screening for IPV, and performing a substantial exam can aid subject-matter to IPV. Huecker and Smock (2018) say the most contemptible injuries concerned in IPV are on the division, neck, and aspect. Defensive injuries may so be bestow on the forearms (Huecker & Smock, 2018). A generous substantial exam should so evaluate the skin in areas genial by investment (Huecker & Smock, 2018). Sexual afaspect may be harder to establish substantially, depending on the truth of the afaspect (Huecker & Smock, 2018). Metatangible complaints may include: disquiet, degradation, and weary (Huecker & Smock, 2018). The resigned may so enjoy indefinite complaints, such as constant refusal, divisionaches, or chest refusal (Huecker & Smock, 2018).


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