Nurs6521 week 6 quiz latest 2018



Week 6 quiz

Question 1

A 65-year-old dowager has an fresh mould of rheumatoid arthritis. Her comaspect comprises a periodical dosage of methotrexate. The comfort end guide her to grasp which of the forthcoming vitamin supplements spell commencement the refuse?

A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin D

Question 2

To minimize the endanger of unconducive possessions of glucagon when impartn to an unaware diabetic resigned, as the resigned regains perception, the comfort should

A) straightforward calcium supplements.
B) aspect the resigned in the side-lying aspect.
C) straightforward carbohydrates.
D) warnr for qualm and vomiting.

Question 3

A effeminate resigned delay a distinction of expression 1 diabetes mellitus has been experiencing increasing neuropathic aversion in fresh months, a concurrent that has not suited appreciably to usual analgesics. The resigned's preservation preparer has begun comaspect delay gabapentin (Neurontin). How is the observation of this refuse slight to rule the skillful-matter of the resigned's true refuse cheer?

A) The resigned may be required to temporarily stop her other medications until a established serum smooth of gabapentin is endd.
B) It is unreasonable to rule the resigned's other medications consequently gabapentin does not interact delay other refuses.
C) Gabapentin is contraindicated delay the use of exogenous insulin.
D) The resigned's medication-akin endanger for renal want must be assessed foregoing to the use of gabapentin.

Question 4

A comfort is caring for a resigned who has been diagnosed delay hypothyroidism. Levothyroxine (Synthroid) has been prescribed. Precedently the refuse therapy is agoing, the comfort end assess for which of the forthcoming?

A) Fact of commencement anticoagulant refuses
B) Allergy to seafood
C) Hirsutism
D) The resigned's age

Question 5

A comfort is caring for a courageous resigned who has a spinal outline impairment due to a motorcycle accident. He has been commencement dantrolene (Dantrium) for 2 weeks. The comfort end warnr which of the forthcoming?

A) Prothrombin spell and restricted thromboplastin spell
B) Urine restricted gravity
C) Alanine aminotransferase and aggregate bilirubin smooths
D) Follicle-stimulating hormone smooths

Question 6

A comfort is assessing a resigned who has follow to the crisis portion irritable of end spasms. The resigned states that he has a fact of opioid addiction and does not shortness to grasp any refuse that “puts me at endanger of neat physically dependent.” Which of the forthcoming medications would the comfort inquiry, if appointed?

A) Methocarbamol (Robaxin)
B) Orphenadrine (Norflex)
C) Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril)
D) Metaxalone (Skelaxin)

Question 7

A 40-year-old dowager delay a distinction of fibromyalgia has been prescribed cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) as an supplement to her true refuse cheer. What nursing distinction should the comfort foregoingitize when updating the nursing preservation contemplation for this resigned?

A) Endanger for Impairment akin to CNS depressant possessions
B) Diarrhea akin to anticholinergic possessions
C) Altered Nutrition, Less than Body Requirements, akin to tendency suppression
D) Impaired Absorption akin to increased muscle tone

Question 8

A comfort is agoing delay a 57-year-old man who is a moulder intravenous refuse abuser. He has been prescribed a weekly dosage of methotrexate for his rheumatoid arthritis. Which of the forthcoming end the comfort comprise in her trainion contemplation for this resigned?

A) Dodge high-fat patronages
B) Drink enough of steep entire day
C) Grasp the tablets precedently bedtime
D) Dodge red meat

Question 9

Following an duty by her earliest preservation preparer, a 70-year-old inhabitant of an assisted influence pliancy has begun commencement daily traditional doses of levothyroxine. Which of the forthcoming duty inventings should bdestroy the comfort to delaystop a scheduled dose of levothyroxine?

A) The inhabitant has not eaten breakfast consequently of a fresh forfeiture of tendency
B) The inhabitant's apical benevolence scold is 112 beats/minute delay a periodical rhythm
C) The inhabitant had a decline during the extinction spell transferring from her bed to her bathroom
D) The inhabitant ordinary her annual influenza vaccination the foregoing day

Question 10

A comfort is caring for a 61-year-old man who has had a afflictive invasion of gout spell in the hospital for patronage poisoning. The comfort straightforwards colchicine intravenously in apintention to

A) dodge aggravating the gastrointestinal charge.
B) fix lively distribution of the refuse.
C) hinder the endanger of contamination or bleeding.
D) minimize the endanger of inglorious plague pith administration.

Question 11

A resigned receives 25 units of NPH insulin at 7.AM. At what spell of day should the comfort guide the resigned to be most prepared for a immanent hypoglycemic reaction?

A) Forthcoming breakfast
B) Precedently lunch
C) Late forthcomingnoon
D) Bedtime

Question 12

A courageous resigned is to commence glyburide (Diabeta) for expression 2 diabetes. Precedently the refuse therapy commences, a foregoingity exercise by the comfort end be to assess the resigned's

A) appoint influence.
B) potassium smooth.
C) use of alcohol.
D) use of salt in his fare.

Question 13

A courageous resigned delay a distinction of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis is in the clinic to debate delay the comfort the possibility of self-administration of glatiramer. During the resigned command congress for self-administration, the comfort end emphasize

A) the want to circulate the introduction standing of the refuse.
B) the want to dodge subdueing the tablet.
C) the want to attribute the tablet lower the idiom.
D) the want to use solely the thigh muscle for the refuse introduction standing.

Question 14

A diabetic resigned entity bargained for corpulency tells the comfort that he is having unconducive possessions from his refuse therapy. The resigned has been commencement dextroamphetamine for 2 weeks as supplement therapy. Which of the forthcoming unconducive possessions would want the comfort's proximate regardation?

A) Decreased libido
B) Increased appoint glucose
C) Dry eyes
D) Jittery feeling

Question 15

A resigned delay diabetes has had a cough for 1 week and has been prescribed a cough syrup (an expectorant). What proper trainions should the comfort comprise in the resigned trainion for this locality?

A) Wash hands precedently and forthcoming commencement the remedy
B) Keep trace of any gastrointestinal charge contaminations
C) Adviser glucose smooths air-tight
D) Note the spell the remedy is graspn each day

Question 16

A 13-year-old resigned has early arthritis. He has freshly had traditional surgery and was told by the surgeon to grasp aspirin for the aversion. The comfort end warnr for which of the forthcoming?

A) Bronchoconstriction
B) Hepatotoxicity
C) Aplastic anemia
D) Agranulocytosis

Question 17

A comfort has been invited to address to a stay knot for living-souls delay motion disorders and their families. Which of the forthcoming statements by the comfort addresses the continuous sort of these diseases and the mismisappropriate refuse therapies?

A) "Drug therapy can endure of one or past refuses to cast-out the concurrents of these diseases."
B) "Drugs do not renew these disorders; they instead improve capacity of activity."
C) "Persons of all cultures are bargained commonly and suit in common ways to composition."
D) "Drugs used to bargain these disorders frequently confound a endanger of afflictive liver and family dysfunction."

Question 18

A resigned in want of myocardial infarction prophylaxis has been prescribed sulfinpyrazone for gout. Which of the forthcoming end the comfort warnr the resigned most air-tight for?

A) Hypothermia
B) Hypotension
C) Renal dysfunction
D) Bleeding

Question 19

A comfort is enucleateing a preservation contemplation for a resigned who has multiple sclerosis. An expected outfollow for the resigned who is receiving glatiramer would be a reduce in

A) chest aversion.
B) tire.
C) breaart difficulties.
D) benevolence palpitations.

Question 20

A 32-year-old effeminate resigned is commencement tizanidine (Zanaflex) for spasticity akin to her multiple sclerosis. The comfort end inmould the resigned and her wife that the unconducive pi that confounds the highest insurance endanger to the resigned is

A) constipation.
B) dry bung.
C) tire.
D) hypotension.

Question 21

A 34-year-old courageous resigned is prescribed methimazole (MMI).The comfort end guide him to ment which of the forthcoming proximately?

A) Vertigo
B) Intolerance to cold
C) Forfeiture of tendency
D) Epigastric distress

Question 22

A 43-year-old dowager was diagnosed delay multiple sclerosis 2 years ago and has familiar a fresh exacerbation of her concurrents, including muscle spasticity. Consequently, she has been prescribed Dantrolene (Dantrium).In unthoughtful of this new observation to her refuse cheer, what trainion intention should the dowager's comfort prepare?

A) "This end slight succor your muscle spasms but you'll probably enucleate a undeniable total of reliance on the refuse aggravate spell."
B) "We'll want to air-tight warnr your appoint sugar smooths for the proximate week."
C) "There's a insignificant endanger that you government trial some hallucinations in the highest few days that you commence commencement this refuse."
D) "You government invent that this refuse exacerbates some of your muscle faintness spell it succors your spasticity."

Question 23

A resigned delay expression 1 diabetes has been admitted to the hospital for orthopedic surgery and the preservation team anticipates some disruptions to the resigned's appoint glucose smooths in the days forthcoming surgery. Which of the forthcoming insulin cheers is most slight to end exceeding glycemic repress?

A) Insignificant doses of long-acting insulin straightforwarded four to five spells daily
B) Doses of basal insulin twice daily delay periodical insulin precedently each moderation
C) Large doses of rapid-acting insulin combined delay long-acting insulin each dawning and evening
D) Divided doses of intermediate-acting insulin entire 2 hours, environing the clock

Question 24

During long-term desmopressin therapy in a 48-year-old dowager, it end be most weighty for the comfort to assess which of the forthcoming?

A) The resigned's environment
B) The resigned's fare
C) The term of the resigned's skin
D) The term of the resigned's nasal passages

Question 25

A 49-year-old dowager has been diagnosed delay myalgia. The physician has recommended aspirin. The resigned is concerned that the aspirin end capsize her stomach. The comfort end submit the resigned to

A) subdue the tablet precedently absorption.
B) mismisappropriate the tablet all.
C) mismisappropriate the tablet delay regulate or patronage.
D) dodge drinking regulate for 3 hours forthcoming absorption the tablet.

Question 26

A comfort end train a resigned commencement allopurinol to grasp each dose

A) at extinction.
B) highest art in the dawning.
C) forthcoming a moderation.
D) precedently a moderation.

Question 27

The comfort is conducting a medication pacification of a new inhabitant of a long-term preservation pliancy. The comfort notes that the inhabitant grasps allopurinol on a daily premise for the comaspect of gout. What is the earliest purconfound of this refuse?

A) To pit uscold eagerness and hinder gout invasions
B) To further the remodeling of injured synovium
C) To potentiate the metabolism of fareary purines
D) To end aversion release in joints abnormal by gout

Question 28

A comfort is trainion a resigned environing his newly prescribed refuse, colchicine, for gout. The comfort end train the resigned to dodge which of the forthcoming patronages?

A) Green beans
B) Shrimp
C) Eggs
D) Milk

Question 29

A comfort is training a resigned who was freshly diagnosed delay multiple sclerosis environing dantrolene (Dantrium). The resigned is a 38-year-old-courageous and the foreman for a view company. In apintention to minimize one weighty unconducive pi of the refuse, the comfort end impart the resigned which of the forthcoming trainions?

A) Eat a high-protein fare
B) Reduce the dosage if any unconducive pi is familiar
C) Wear mismisappropriate cloart and sunscreen whenever he is in straightforward sunlight
D) Have a full appoint cell compute produced weekly

Question 30

A 33-year-old man has enucleateed intelligent gouty arthritis. He has been prescribed colchicine. When enucleateing a preservation contemplation for this resigned, which constituent end be most weighty for the comfort to regard?

A) Dietary habits
B) Work environment
C) Typical daily smooth intake
D) Ethnicity