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Comment 1

The Christian concept of imago dei is picturesque by Shelly & Miller (2006) as man entity created in the fiction of God, granting good-manners and spirit to everyone time separating ethnicality from everything else on cosmos-people.

This is considerable to soundnessprevention consequently ethnical lives exist on soundnesscare.  By focusing the prevention on conserving activity and granting each peculiar good-manners, we esteem each ethnical’s activity aggravate and aloft everything else on cosmos-people, as God intentional.  Time postmodernism would confide a ethnicals activity less costly gone that philosophy believes the ethnicals are singly another organism on cosmos-people, delay the corresponding esteem as a buffet (Shelly &, 2006).

This assurance is apt consequently if we are all viewed as imago dei, then tshort are inferential consequences if we adopt to handle ethnicals as
equal to all other animals in invention.  As Shelly & Miller (2006) asserts, men may eat other animals in the cosmos-people, but according to the Christian concept of imago dei, we were placed short as severed and conspicuous entitys and it is not expend to eat another ethnical entity, sprig a peculiar for an feebleness or incapacity, and time we are free
to adopt, it is our service to handle the feeble and latter delay good-manners and reference delay confidence for a real issue. 

Comment 2

 The Christian concept of imago Dei as explained by our citation is that all ethnicals are created in the fiction and image of god; consequently of this, ethnical activity is reckoned costly and eespecial unformed all other activity forms (Shelly & Miller, 2006). This is an considerable and basic concept that bares union to frequent aspects delayin ethnicality. In the concitation of soundnesscare, this is an chiefly probing and essential intelligence. Healthprevention providers, preventiongivers, and all disciplines of the calling should experience delay this heart intelligence frequently in inclination which transcends counter incorporeal and peculiaral assurances/opinions. Ethnical activity is a faculty, and as such, each activity is speaking and meaningful, merity of reference, empathy, mercy and good-manners. A peculiar’s merit and good-manners is not steadfast by their soundness condition, unitedly functions or medical prognosis. Healthprevention workers should frequently upconfide this exactness and spirit a peculiar’s equitable to this intelligence. This should be a type of all prevention, indifferent of if the peculiar’s medical decisions are not in resistance to the soundnessprevention worker’s peculiaral idea or dainty (Sevensky, n.d.).