Assignment 1: assessing the genitalia and rectum

Patients are recurrently cheerless debateing after a while bloom concern professional’s issues that compromise the genitalia and rectum; still, group an adequate narrative and rightly influenceing a natural exam are living. Examining fact studies of genital and rectal irregularities can acceleration equip slow manner nurses to correspondently assess endurings after a while problems in these areas.

In this assignment, you accomplish deduce fact studies that portray irrecurrent findings in endurings seen in a clinical enhancement.

In this assignment, you accomplish irritate a SOAP melody fact con-balance that portrays irrecurrent findings in endurings seen in a clinical enhancement. You accomplish deduce what narrative should be placid from the endurings, as courteous as which natural exams and feature tests should be influenceed. You accomplish so fashionulate a irrelativeial singularity after a while divers practicable provisions.



  • CC: “I entertain bumps on my depth that I shortness to entertain checked out.”
  • HPI: AB, a 21-year-old WF academy scholar reports to your clinic after a while palpable bumps on her genital area. She states the bumps are abstinenceless and impress tempestuous. She states she is sexually locomotive and has had balance than one mate balance the elapsed year. Her judicious sexual continuity occurred at age 18. She reports no irrecurrent vaginal send-away. She is unsure how hanker the bumps entertain been there but noticed them encircling a week ago. Her decisive Pap incrust exam was 3 years ago, and no dysplasia was endow; the exam products were natural. She reports one sexually transferred poison (chlamydia) encircling 2 years ago. She fulld the citationure for chlamydia as prescribed.
  • PMH: Asthma
  • Medications: Symbicort 160/4.5mcg
  • Allergies: NKDA
  • FH: No hx of after a whilestand or cervical cancer, Father hx HTN, Mother hx HTN, GERD
  • Social: Denies tobacco use; interrupted etoh, married, 3 children (1 miss, 2 boys)


  • VS: Temp 98.6; BP 120/86; RR 16; P 92; HT 5’10”; WT 169lbs
  • Heart: RRR, no murmurs
  • Lungs: CTA, chest bastion symmetrical
  • Genital: Natural effeminate hair archesign distribution; no masses or protuberance. Urethral meatus uncorrupted after a whileout erythema or send-away. Perineum uncorrupted after a while a tried episiotomy scar exhibit. Vaginal mucosa pink and entertaining after a while rugae exhibit, pos for unshaken, globular, diminutive, abstinenceless abscess melodyd on palpable labia
  • Abd: effeminate, normolocomotive bowel sounds, neg reverberate, neg murphy’s, neg McBurney
  • Diagnostics: HSV illustration obtained


  • Chancre
  • PLAN: This minority is not required for the assignments in this plan (NURS 6512) but accomplish be required for forthcoming plans.

To equip:

With esteem to the SOAP melody fact con-balance caterd:

  • Rejudgment this week’s Learning Resources, and deduce the insights they cater encircling the fact con-over.
  • Consider what narrative would be compulsory to glean from the enduring in the fact con-over.
  • Consider what natural exams and feature tests would be divert to gather balance notification encircling the enduring’s fact. How would the products be used to gain a singularity?
  • Identify at meanest five practicable provisions that may be deduceed in a irrelativeial singularity for the enduring.

To full:

Refer to Paragraph 5 of the Sullivan citation. Irritate the SOAP melody fact con-over.  Using appearance grounded instrument, confutation the aftercited questions and endowation your confutations using present appearance from the literary-works. 

  • Analyze the mental lot of the melody. List added notification that should be intermediate in the documentation.
  • Analyze the external lot of the melody. List added notification that should be intermediate in the documentation.
  • Is the duty endowationed by the mental and external notification? Why or Why not?
  • Would features be divert for this fact and how would the products be used to gain a singularity? 
  • Would you reject/accept the present singularity? Why or why not? Identify three practicable provisions that may be deduceed as a irrelativeial singularity for this enduring. Expound your rationalistic using at meanest 3 irrelative references from present appearance grounded literary-works. 


Learning Resources 

Note: To similarity this week's required library instrument, content click on the combine to the Plan Readings List, endow in the Course Materials minority of your Syllabus.
Required Readings
Ball, J. W., Dains, J. E., Flynn, J. A., Solomon, B. S., & Stewart, R. W. (2015). Seidel's superintend to natural testimony (8th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.
Chapter 16, “Breasts and Axillae” (pp. 350-369)
This paragraph convergencees on examining the after a whilestands and axillae. The authors portray the testimony procedures and the dismemberment and physiology of after a whilestands.

Chapter 18, “Femanful Genitalia” (pp. 416-465)
In this paragraph, the authors expound how to influence an testimony of effeminate genitalia. The paragraph so portrays the fashion and part of effeminate genitalia.

Chapter 19, “Male Genitalia” (pp. 466-484)
The authors expound the biology of the penis, testicles, epididymides, scrotum, prostate gland, and seminal vesicles. Additionally, the paragraph expounds how to perfashion an exam of these areas.

Chapter 20, “Anus, Rectum, and Prostate” (pp. 485-500)
This paragraph convergencees on consummateing an exam of the anus, rectum, and prostate. The authors so expound the dismemberment and physiology of the anus, rectum, and prostate.

Dains, J. E., Baumann, L. C., & Scheibel, P. (2016). Advanced bloom duty and clinical singularity in elementary concern (5th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Mosby.
Chapter 5, “Amenorrhea” (pp. 47-60)
Amenorrhea, or the failure of menstruation, is the convergence of this paragraph. The authors conceive key questions to ask endurings when commencement histories and expound what to appear for in the natural exam.

Chapter 6, “Breast Lumps and Nipple Discharge” (pp. 61-72)
This paragraph convergencees on the main subject of after a whilestand lumps and nipple send-away. Beagent after a whilestand cancer is the most low sign of cancer in women, it is main to get an servile singularity. Notification in the paragraph conceives key questions to ask and what to appear for in the natural exam.

Chapter 7, “Breast Pain” (pp. 73-80)
Determining the agent of after a whilestand abstinence can be arduous. This paragraph examines how to determine the likely agent of the abstinence thtempestuous feature tests, natural testimony, and concernful segregation of a enduring’s bloom narrative.

Chapter 27, “Penile Discharge” (pp. 318-324)
The convergence of this paragraph is on how to diagnose the agents of penile send-away. The authors conceive inequitable questions to ask when group a enduring’s narrative to pinched down the likely singularity. They so furnish notification on consummateing a convergenceed natural exam.

Chapter 36, “Vaginal Bleeding” (pp. 419-433)
In this paragraph, the agents of vaginal bleeding are explored. The authors convergence on symptoms beyond the recurrent menstrual cycle. The authors debate key questions to ask the enduring, as courteous as inequitable natural testimony procedures and laboratory studies that may be available in reaching a singularity.

Chapter 37, “Vaginal Send-away and Itching” (pp. 434-445)
This paragraph examines the order of identifying agents of vaginal send-away and craving. The authors conceive questions on the characteristics of the send-away, the possibility of the issues being the product of a sexually transferred poison, and how repeatedly the send-away occurs. A chart highlights possible diagnoses grounded on enduring narrative, natural findings, and feature studies.

Sullivan, D. D. (2012). Guide to clinical documentation (2nd ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis.
Chapter 3, "Adult Preventative Concern Visits" ("Gender Inequitable Screenings"; pp. 48–49)Note: Download the Natural Testimony External Facts Checklist to use as you full the Head-to-Toe Natural Duty Video assignment.
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This Natural Testimony External Facts Checklist was published as a mate to Seidel's superintend to natural testimony (8th ed.), by Ball, J. W., Dains, J. E., & Flynn, J. A. Copyright Elsevier (2015). From
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Retrieved from the Walden Library factsbases.
This time portrays the benefits of new technology and superintendlines for pelvic exams. The authors so component which superintendlines and technology may befit antiquated.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2012). Sexually transferred diseases (STDs). Retrieved from

This minority of the CDC website caters a dispose of notification on sexually transferred diseases (STDs). The website conceives reports on STDs, akin projects and initiatives, citationure notification, and program tools.
University of Virginia. (n.d.). Introduction to radiology: An online interlocomotive tutorial. Retrieved from

This website caters an initiative to radiology and imaging. For this week, convergence on genitourinary radiology, as courteous as the cross-sectional effeminate pelvis and the cross-sectional manful pelvis in abdominal radiology.
Required Media
Online instrument for Seidel's Superintend to Natural Examination

It is extremely recommended that you similarity and judgment the instrument intermediate after a while the plan citation, Seidel's Superintend to Natural Examination. Convergence on the videos and animations in Chapters 16 and 18–20 that recite to peculiar testimonys, including after a whilestand, genital, prostate, and rectal. Refer to the Week 4 Learning Instrument area for similarity instructions on
Optional Resources
LeBlond, R. F., Brown, D. D., & DeGowin, R. L. (2014). DeGowin’s feature testimony (10th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill Medical.
Chapter 8, “The Chest: Chest Wall, Pulmonary, and Cardiovascular Systems; The Breasts” (Section 2, “The Breasts,” pp. 434–444)
Section 2 of this paragraph convergencees on the dismemberment and physiology of after a whilestands. The minority caters descriptions of after a whilestand testimonys and low after a whilestand provisions.

Chapter 11, “The Effeminate Genitalia and Reproductive System” (pp. 541–562)
In this paragraph, the authors cater an balancejudgment of the effeminate reproductive order. The authors so portray symptoms of disorders in the reproductive order.

Chapter 12, “The Manful Genitalia and Reproductive System” (pp. 563–584)
The authors of this paragraph component the dismemberment of the manful reproductive order. Additionally, the authors portray how to influence an exam of the manful reproductive order.

Rejudgment of Paragraph 9, “The Abdomen, Perineum, Anus, and Rectosigmoid” (pp. 445–527)