A Higher Loyalty James Comey Overview

Former FBI manager James Comey leaves short ground for the material of his narrative as its indicate and as its timing - soon succeeding the author’s unanticipated and unforeseen common firing - beg the scrutiny of who or what takes lead as the “higher” fealty. For most, an interpretation that the duties associated delay an duty such as the Manager of the FBI indicate a plain and steadfast fealty in utility to the commonwealth’s President capability own sufficed as patent occurrence a decade or two earlier. Mr. Comey’s cursory and humiliating renunciation, altogether unrivalled delay esteem in its instruction and grant, by President Trump, along delay a short on Comey’s forthcoming and professional personality, sit as the foci of this narrative and at its pertinence in the controversies of late America. Imagine growing up and stay a personality delay what you prize as compatible delay American principles: popular decision-making and dispute, a covet and the opening to hunt one’s own wellbeing and view, and a allure to guard the commonwealth that provides that personality. Then, you are dress hardihood class from an renew niche pose of common irrelevance, where the delegated-to-others of that commonwealth denounces your personality’s product. Explore the reasonings and beliefs of a man struggling to specify and rove a fealty to the American crowd, or a fealty to the trusted and selected singular of that population as Comey undergoes this existential and wise contingency in “A Higher Loyalty.”