Reflection Essay on Attendance Monitoring System

This aggression and progress still, requires us to thrive it. Like Countries for sample, Countries want to contend in the technological diversify this aggression brings in appoint to Stay appropriate. But Of direction some countries still are short felicitous, lawful face at our province, the Philippines. The Philippines is a, let's advance it, a faulty province. Governed by faulty officials. This results in a delaydrawalluster diversify Technologically suggestive and thus, leaves the Philippines in the dust when it comes to technological aggression. Compared to other far more slow countries, our Province pales in shut-up. This gap in technological aggression results in commonplace establishments, businesses, exoteric schools etc. But what is the debate for this? The Government is one unnaturalness, but thither has to be another debate on why our Province delaydrawals or let's say falls rearwards in respects to Technology. We want to face a trivial deeper, primeval of all, we delaydrawal funds, investments, we are lawful unadulterated thriveers and we are not the innovators, at last, technologically suggestive. In appoint to conquer this still, smooth by at last by a insignificant loophole, we want to initiate from the groundwork. It all initiates delay the employees, Better employees Reform and ample more exertion manufactured. Looks plain abundance, but I contemplate this is whither we want to initiate. How do we produce the employees reform though? By their apparatus. Apparatus is an well bisect to apprehend if your employee is exertioning at a elevated roll or if they are exertioning abundance. At primeval scan, this may gauge indulgent abundance. Some conciliate probably say that checking an employees apparatus is indulgent, but delay our exoteric manual arrangements, is it servile? As normal overhead, we are technologically rearwards than other countries, they are probably using automated arrangements that reposes the job of everybody. While hither, most, but of direction NOT ALL of the establishments and companies are using manual arrangements that takes a lot of era and attempt. Now, THAT is whither this arrangement comes in. Enhancement of the Examine As normal in our covet initiative overhead, the technological gap between the Philippines and other Countries serves as the backbone and the enhancement of this examine. Of direction this helps out in our examine, and is the main debate we aim to do this arrangement. Statement of extrinsics Our extrinsic is plain, repose the exertion manufactured, but too beseeming the exertion and increasing the exertion manufactured overall.