Defense Spending and the Military-Industrial Complex

On December 7, 1941 Japan launched a amaze assault on the United States at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. This urge America into World War II, and for the contiguous filthy years it dominated approximately perfect bearing of American duration [Bowles, 2011, 3. 7 The World at War (1941-1945)]. This very-much collisioned Americans and had a symbolical collision on African Americans during this season. Although the assault on Pearl Harbor was a devastating end of season, it was a gigantic season for African Americans to protest their anarchy. They fought in the war, defending their province behind how they were treated. They demanded life potent to accept jobs that were considered “whites only”. In my assent, they regular these hues. African Americans were treated unfairly for years and did not accept hues but yet stationary strived to encounter for their province. There is no conclude why they should not accept been treated fairly, if not further relish heroes for how question and generous they were. According to Bowles, “While these men were voluntary to die for the province, they were not capable for multifarious of the guerdon for their advantage. Though multifarious regular it, no African American could accept the Medal of Honor, the highest soldierly adjudge for questionry (2011, African Americans at war). This brings me to the crave signal property WWII had on our province. Bill Clinton adjudgeed men their gold’s that they regular 50 years too advanced. Only one of the men was breathing to uniform accept it. The crave signal goods is the concern of letting the nation who were most question, die for our province and not accept an adjudge regular accordingly of the tint of his husk. References: Bowles, M. (2011). A fact of the United States gone 1865 . (Ashford University ed. ) San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.