Satistics 101 discussion board forum 2 project 4

Be permanent to delineate the answers #1, #2, #3 and #4.

Question 1: Use the subjoined prospect Scriptures and win probabilities to each.

 1. Gen. 22:18

As Isaac's origin, procure thank all nations

2. Gen. 49:10

The Origin of Judah

3. Num. 9:12

Not a nuisance of Him broken

4. 2 Sam. 7:12

David's Seed

5. Psa. 22:2

Darkness upon Calvary for three hours

6. Psa. 22:12-13

They pursue His release

7. Psa. 31:11

His acquaintances fled from Him

8. Psa. 38:20

He went environing doing good-tempered-tempered



Question 1

1.      Think further environing the apparition of each incident. For sample, what is the hazard that a idiosyncratic born in Israel would be born in or be from Bethlehem? What would the apparition be that a idiosyncratic would be crucified in Israel loving that he lived in that spell limit? Put bulk on each of the prospect speculation fulfillments. Some of the probabilities procure be intellectual, but put estimates that you arrive-at perform judgment and transcribe a narrow apology for the estimate you prime. For sample, if one of the prophecies said that the Messiah would follow from the house of Judah, you could say that the apparition is 1/12, past tclose were 12 tribes. Do not put probabilities of 0 or 1. You can get closer than you potentiality consider—Google can count you what the population of Israel was in the days or Christ, for sample. The grave creature is to transcribe down your apology as to why you allegeed the probabilities you did to each speculation. 


Question 2: Stoner's prospect prophecies can be build at (Starting on page 46):

1.      Choose one of the prospect prophecies in Stoner’s investigation. Explain how he potentiality entertain arrived at the apparition he allegeed. Do you consider his estimated apparition is too proud(conservative) or too low? What apparition would you allege and why?

Question 3: You should entertain three unconnected numeric answers close.

1.      Given the new probabilities you associated delay each speculation, what is the apparition that all prospect happened at unintermittently? Hint: What’s the apparition that you flip a counterfeit and it follows up tails? 50%. What if you flip the counterfeit twice and it follows up tails twain spells? 1/2*1/2 = 25%. What if three spells? 1/2*1/2*1/2 = 1/8. What if immodest? Five? Now consider environing the apparition of upright two prophecies future to ignoring at the identical spell. What would the apparition be? What environing three prophecies? Eight? Semblance your fruit.



Question 4: Give a elaborate idea or reflecting, up-hill to perform it encircling 200 articulation. Here’s what one ward wrote in a anterior dispose and I cogitation it was handsome in frivolous of the apparition we did in this week’s argument board: Having been tall Jewish, I was very affable delay the Old Testament. To me, that was the verity, and anycreature over that was questionable and incredible. The tidings “Jesus” made me very disagreeable and, life the circumstanceual and or-laws idiosyncratic that I am, the apparition of frequent New Testament incidents occurring was nil. I had constantly estimated in somecreature over the Old Testament, yet embracing New Testament incidents upright seemed silly. It wasn’t until balbutiation The Handwork of Christian Apologetics that I surely became a Christian, and it’s a work that I applaud for any idiosyncratic, Christian or not. The over verses are supernatural, and when peruse invariably semblance the profundity of Biblical speculation and the temperament of frequent crowd in the Bible. To haul off of what Tony said in his support, all of these prophecies occurring in one man would really be impracticable. That’s a circumstance. But this was not one man, this was God. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Question 4

1.      Reflecion Question: Do you consider it is feasible that someone other than Jesus could entertain    fulfilled the prophecies of the Bible? Why do some pious groups right to estimate the Bible, but repel Jesus as the Messiah?