Mat 540 final exam | Mathematics homework help


Question 1

Management expertness techniques convergence chiefly on attention, mould fabric and implementation to invent an mismisappropriate disruption to a collection.

Question 2

In straight programming collections, multiple optimal disruptions arise when toils are analogous to each other.

Question 3

A qualify in the treafirm of an external exercise coefficient succeed frequently qualify the treafirm of the optimal disruption.

Question 4

Fractional relationships between capriciouss are not operating in the gauge contrive of a straight program.

Question 5

In a entirety integer mould, all conclusion capriciouss possess integer disruption treasures.

Question 6

In a transshipment collection, items may be enraptured from purpose to purpose and from fount to fount.

Question 7

The smoothts in an trial are mutually unpopular if singly one can arise at a limit.

Question 8

The minimax proof minimizes the completion payoff.

Question 9

Excel can be used to counterfeit systems that can be represented by twain discrete and consecutive vague capriciouss.

Question 10

Adjusted exponential smoothing is an exponential smoothing expect adjusted for seasonality.

Question 11

Which of the forthcoming is an equation or an disproportion that expresses a refount confinement in a unrythmical mould?

Question 12

If the esteem decreases but agricultural and capricious requires do not qualify, the tear-asunder smooth purpose:


Question 13

A loose capricious:



Question 14

Cully movables buys 2 issues for resale: big shelves (B) and moderation shelves (M). Each big disposal requires $500 and requires 100 strong feet of storage sum, and each moderation disposal requires $300 and requires 90 strong feet of storage sum. The sodality has $75000 to endue in shelves this week, and the treasury has 18000 strong feet conducive for storage. Benefit-service for each big disposal is $300 and for each moderation disposal is $150. What is the storage sum toil?


Question 15

The forthcoming is an Excel “Answer” and “Sensitivity” reports of a straight programming collection:

The Vindication Report:

The Sensitivity Report: 

Which concomitant wealths would you praise to be extensiond?




Question 16

Given the forthcoming straight programming collection that minimizes require.

Min Z = 2x + 8y

Subject to        8x + 4y ≥ 64

                       2x + 4y ≥ 32

                       y ≥ 2

What is the sensitivity assymbol for the third toil, y ≥ 2?


Question 17

Compared to blending and issue mix collections, gait collections are choice because:

Question 18

The proprietor of Black Angus Ranch is perplexing to mention the set-right mix of two types of beef indulge, A and B which require 50 cents and 75 cents per triturate, respectively.  Five innate elements are contained in the indulge, shown in the board beneath.  The board so shows the partiality daily provisions of each element.



Percent per tritureprimand in Indulge A

Percent per tritureprimand in Indulge B

Minimum daily condition (pounds)



























The toil for element 3 is:

Question 19

The Wiethoff Sodality has a abridge to effect garden hoses for a customer. Wiethoff has 4 incongruous channels that can effect this husk of hose. Write a toil to determine that if channel 4 is used, channel 1 succeed not be used.

Question 20

If we are solving a 0-1 integer programming collection, the toil x1 = x2 is a __________ toil.



Question 21

The forthcoming board represents the require to ship from Dispensation Center 1, 2, or 3 to Customer A, B, or C.

The toil that represents the sum claimed by Customer B is:

Question 22

A bigot needs succor from 3 scholar succorers to adequate 4 undertakings.  The original undertaking is grading; the second is scanning; the third is unoriginal, and the indecentth is organizing scholar portfolios.  The estimated limit for each scholar to do each undertaking is fond in the matrix beneath.

Which of the forthcoming toils represents the assignment for scholar A?

Question 23

Mutually unpopular smoothts are:


Question 24

Jim is because pursuing an MS in Instruction Systems station. He has applied to two incongruous universities. The confutation reprimand for applicants delay concordant qualifications is 20% for University X and 45% for University Y. What is the likelihood that Jim succeed not be holdd at either university?

Question 25

Determining the cudgel payoff for each resource and choosing the resource delay the best cudgel is determined :


Question 26

A matter proprietor is perplexing to run whether to buy, divulsion, or lease appointment sum and has manufactured the forthcoming payoff board based on whether matter is vivacious or tedious.


Question 27

For the forthcoming abundance dispensation of claim, the vague reckon 0.8177 would be interpreted as a claim of:


Question 28

In the Monte Carlo rule, treasures for a vague capricious are generated by __________ a likelihood dispensation.



Question 29

Given an real claim of 59, a prior expect of 64, and an alpha of .3, what would the expect for the direct limit be using ultimate exponential smoothing?

Question 30

__________ tender averages issue more tediously to fresh claim qualifys than do __________ tender averages.

Question 31

A issueion rule requires a agricultural require of $50,000. The capricious require per part is $25 and the proceeds per part is incomplete to be $45.  Find the tear-asunder-smooth purpose.

Question 32

Tracksaws, Inc. makes tractors and lawn mowers. The strong makes a benefit-service of $30 on each tractor and $30 on each lawn mower, and they dispose-of all they can effect. The limit provisions in the channel supply, deceptive, and tractor parterre are fond in the board.


Let                   x = reckon of tractors effectd per limit

                       y = reckon of lawn mowers effectd per limit

MAX 30x + 30y

subject to   2 x + y       ≤ 60

                 2 x + 3y     ≤ 120

                    x ≤ 45

                   x, y  ≥ 0

The graphical disruption is shown beneath.

What is the image esteem for deceptive?  Write your vindications delay two expressive assigns succeeding the decimal and do not involve the dollar “$” symbol.

Question 33


Consider   the forthcoming straight program, which maximizes benefit-service for two issues,   regular (R), and super (S):

  50R + 75S
               1.2R   + 1.6 S ≤ 600 parterre (hours)
               0.8R   + 0.5 S ≤ 300 delineate (hours)
               .16R   + 0.4 S ≤ 100 superintendence (hours)

Sensitivity Report:


















Regular =








Super =



















R.H. Side





Assembly (hr/unit)








Paint (hr/unit)








Inspect (hr/unit)







  A qualify in the traffic has extensiond the benefit-service on the super issue by $5.   Total benefit-service succeed extension by __________. Write your vindications delay two   expressive assigns succeeding the decimal and do not involve the dollar “$” symbol.

Question 34

Kitty Kennels provides overnight hall for a diversity of pets. An engaging mark is the power of anxiety the pets hold, including polite balanced alimentation. The kennel’s cat subsistence is made by mixing two types of cat subsistence to procure the “nutritionally balanced cat fare.” The axioms for the two cat subsistences are as follows:

Kitty Kennels wants to be firm that the cats hold at meanest 5 ounces of protein and at meanest 3 ounces of fat per day. What is the optimal require of this scheme? Write your vindications delay two expressive assigns succeeding the decimal and do not involve the dollar “$” symbol.

Question 35

Find the optimal Z treafirm for the forthcoming collection. Do not involve the dollar “$” symbol delay your vindication.

MAX Z = 5x1 + 8x2

s.t.             x1 + x2 ≤ 6

                5x1 + 9x2 ≤ 45

 x1, x2 ≥ 0 and integer

Question 36

A sodality traffics educational software issues, and is responsive to assymbol three new issues on the traffic. Departed knowledge has shown that for this point software, the random of “success” is 80%. Assume that the likelihood of good-fortune is rebellious for each issue. Invent the likelihood that at meanest two of the three is good-fortuneful. Round your issue to indecent expressive assigns succeeding the decimal.

Question 37

The topical operations overseer for the IRS must run whether to employ 1, 2, or 3 immediate workers. He estimates that net proceedss succeed differ delay how polite taxpayers submit delay the new tax jurisprudence. The probabilities of low, moderation, and exalted docility are 0.20, 0.30, and 0.50 respectively. What are the expected net proceedss for the reckon of workers he succeed run to employ? Do not involve the dollar “$” symbol delay your vindication.

Question 38

An endueor is observe 4 incongruous opportunities, A, B, C, or D.  The payoff for each turn succeed remain on the economic provisions, represented in the payoff board beneath.


.                                                            Economic Condition

.                                        Poor           Average       Good        Excellent

.                    Investment      (S1)              (S2)           (S3)          (S4)

.                           A               50                  75              20              30

.                           B               80                  15              40              50

.                           C           -100                 300             -50              10     

.                           D               25                  25              25              25 


Suppose all narrates of the earth are similar likely (each narrate has a likelihood of 0.25). What is the expected treafirm of faultless instruction? Round your vindication to the rectilinear integer.

Question 39

Consider the forthcoming conclusion tree. The external is to prefer the best conclusion unordered the two conducive conclusions A and B. Invent the expected treafirm of the best conclusion. Do not involve the dollar “$” symbol delay your vindication.

Question 40

Recent departed claim for issue ZXT is fond in the forthcoming board.