Organizational Functions at Rahul Motors

“A STUDY ON ORGANIZATIONAL FUNCTIONS” AT RAHUL MOTORS A artifice reverberation submitted to SRM University, In favoring fulfillment of the accomplishment for the allot of The space of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINSTARTIONS Submitted by AMIT PRASAD (3511110732) Beneath the address of Mr. G. VENUGOPALAN (Assistant Professor) SRM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT SRM UNIVERSITY KATTANKULATHUR CAMPUS KANCHEEPURAM-03 MAY2012-JULY2012 DECLARATION I AMIT PRASAD do propose that the examination reverberation entitled “ A STUDY ON ORGANISATIONAL FUNCTIONS from RAHUL MOTORS in HOOGHLY (WEST BENGAL)” submitted to the SRM UNIVERSITY for the favoring fulfillment of the accomplishment for the space of Master Of Transaction Government is my own endeavor and it has not been submitted precedent to any science / university for any space. PLACE: Chennai Date: verification of the solicitor AMIT PRASAD REG NO: 3511110732 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is a substance of noble complacency and choice to bestow This Reverberation of RAHUL MOTORS [west Bengal]. I choose this Occasion to Owe my thankfulness to all those confused in my Training. This artifice reverberation could not repress been consummated outside the Address of our moderateler of the assembly, Avijit Roy and artifice Venugopalan . Their judicious acceleration & welflourish accelerationed me To consummate this artifice prosperously. I pointed my thankfulness towards staff of RAHULMOTORS those Who repress accelerationed me straightly or instraightly in completing the Training. AMIT PRASAD PREFACE When entirebody is providing what is expected Fro m him/ he r, the pe rson de livering the U n e x p e c t e d to its customers succeeds in the hanker run. In Today’s trafficplace, it is no hankerer sufficient to fulfil the Customers, the creator scarcitys to joy them as polite. To Conquer the new transaction earth one scarcitys to be one-stride afront of its competitors. MBA is cabal of twain hypothetical as polite as useable aspects of transaction and summer luxuriance presents a cheerful-tempered-tempered occasion to comcomposition in a authentic comcomposition environment. This Artifice reverberation is the outflourish of 8 weeks luxuriance at “RAHUL MOTORS”. It has loving me a noble charybdis and I repress establish useable comcomposition very irrelative from hypothetical ones. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I had an occasion to choose my summer interns artifice “RAHUL MOTORS” Hooghly West Bengal. During the artifice I had a claim substance guided by MR. Avijit Roy, moderateler of The assembly. The dowager transaction of the assembly is to buy and Dispose-of auctions Vehicles in the traffic. The assembly was setup in 2000 and newly five aggravate companies repress been established During the Decisive years . The atom of my artifice was “a con-aggravate of lowerstanding employment”. The concrete of choosing these question was glean how the Comcomposition is affected in an lowerstanding. Delay noble unfeeling comcomposition I repress experienced to illusion in reverberation how comcomposition are substance affected in the lowerstanding . I confidence this reverberation procure not befit the honorable another academic muniment but procure in all useablely assay to be a use ample dupe for giving address to the RAHUL MOTORS, which is the serious fawn from the profundity of my benevolence. AMIT PRASAD RAHUL MOTORS SECRETS OF SUCCESS There are hundreds of transaction sizes and reckon of journals And magazines published entire year on prosperous transaction Operation. However, in nutshell, it can be distilled in 8 elder Recondite which are as flourishs. ? 1st recondite is that prosperous companies are not in transaction solely for the specie. “Henry Ford” renoticeable that a assembly which solely fabricates specie is no description of assembly at all. Strong anthropologicalization, faster than other, collective and intent oriented. ? Try to discern the customers, what customers really scantinesss that are discern by the assembly not public fancy, scarcity aim and comportment. ? T he y k n o w w h a t i s i mp o rt a n t a n d t h is i s re fl e c t e d i n t h e i r impulsion of their employees. ? Prosperous companies are permanent and p o w e r f u l communicator. Inhabitants repress advice and gleaming fancy to themselves or promulgate delay a fine few. ? Not a recondite at all repress credulity in pure usage and principles is the nearness of the chosen few. Leader in consciousness aggravateall activities he modetrounce force and expertness. ? Fabricate use but fabricate customer joy. RAHUL MOTORS BELIEVES IN ? The certainty that ‘shift ‘is a way of vitality. ? Absolute traffic orientation for a hasty and indisputable tally to the customer’s scarcitys. ? An uncomcautious commitment to a indulgent, authoritative and particularized use from delayin a stinging outflourish oriented environment. ? Judicious offer delay harmonious standards. ? Tally appropinquation to the uses of R&D and the new technology. ? Having credulity in unmarried immanent and regard for anthropological esteems. ? Substance a esponsible oppidan inhabitant delay due regard to the laws of the settle and its environment. ? Fruit to be the best suited temper for reward traffic sections. ? These beneathoutline the oppidan philosophy, which has shaped RAHUL MOTORS OF YESTERDAY and RAHUL MOTORS OF TODAY. Products to be of the best suited temper for reward traffic section through TQM an d cipher blemish implem entation. For achieving in all administrative areas, inspiriting innovations for fixed amendment of the fruit and use. Having credulity in your expertness and force. Regularly succor and motivate your assemblage. Believe in fidelity. RAHUL MOTORS CULTURE AND ASPECTS ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Professionalism Classification Appropinquation Commitment To Temper Excellence Delay Economy Absorb Consciousness Anthropological Wealth Regarded As Valuable Asset Emphasis On Teaching and Fruit Preference To Anthropological Esteem Administration By Participation Open Door Device In Sharing Ideas And Suggestions Assemblage Synergy Emphasis on telling communication and coordination Managerial force and tally to shift Cordial Environment Customer Focus Honor And Reward ? ORGANISATION STRUCTURE BOARD OF DIRECTOR S CHAIRMAN/ MANAGING DIRTECTOR VICE PRESIDENT MANAGER STAFF SUB STAFF FIG (1. 0) REVIEW IN LITERATURE OF MARKETING In the journeyion of strategic anatomy and steadfastness, “marketing mix” falls behind sundry outer and interior environmental anatomy such as SWOT anatomy and plain originateulation of competitive strategies . trafficing mix is an interpretive concept in new trafficing and academically it is referred to as the set of moderatelable dupes that the steadfast singulare to whole the tallys it scantinesss in the target traffic. So, it consists of entirething that the steadfast can do to swing the insist for their fruit. t is dignified to disengage that trafficing mix of any assembly repress can repress one elder employments that is strategic communication of the lowerstanding delay the customers. It was raise argued that trafficing mix yields multiple paths can be endd in written originate or through communication (advertising and dispose-ofing etc) or frequent aggravate symbolic originates. However the key guard-akeep-aslower is that the ocean aspects of trafficing mix that procure be discussed adown “should not be seen as unmarried entities but as the set of Interakin entities which has to be set in importation delay one another. Main aspects of trafficing mix The superexcellentval way to distinguish trafficing is through aggravate illustrious equivalent-term “4p’s of trafficing” the species of foremost trafficing mix was foremost precountenance and suggested by mccarthy and involves trafficing strategies fruit, expiation, settle encouragements . the behindcited diagram is beneficial in determing the 4p’s in trafficing mix. ? PRODUCT In purer stipulations fruit consists of all features and cabal of cheerful-tempereds that the assembly offers to its customers . LAZER argued that the most dignified aspects for ocean two reasons. The very foremost is the fruit are the pointedions for the assembly determining the conjoin delay the customers. so the fruit device and temporization are the superexcellent avail to an execution. Secondly, it is peremptorily to authenticize that the fruit of any assembly is a twain component and determinant of trafficing mix as it Hs a noble swing in other trafficing mix. So, outside a decent device a assembly cannot track for the raise guard-akeep-aslower of trafficing mix. ? PRICE Pricing is basically a elucidation of expiation for a fruit or use Offered. n purest way kotler repress depict expiation that an whole of specie paid by the customers for a fruit. Generally pricing temporization has been separated into two talents expiation sensuality and expiation government. Pricing sensuality refers to as the order and activities populated to get at a expiation for a fruit delayin the congruous outoutline and differences in expiation for a congruous fruit. On the other laborer expiation expiation for a congruous fruit. On the other laborer expiation government refers to the activities in honorable basic expiation to a feature sales situations such as persomal , employment effected by the customers or unfair sales situations. PLACES Places beneath trafficing mix compromises all assembly activities that fabricate the fruit to the targeted customers . grounded on the sundry certaintyors such as sales, communication , contrreal remunerations sundry ways of making fruit suited. On a public music period artificening a settlement beneath trafficing mix temporization assembly flourish six irrelative temporization for the settlement some of the temporization are choosing unmarried or multiple disposal utensils, the image of intermediaries to use on temper and reputations. ? PROMOTIONS Promotional temporization involve all through which a assembly promulgates the uses and esteems of its fruit. The best way of beneathstating these p is through the concept of the trafficing communication order. The real communication is the notice or sales bestowations the destinations of immanent customers. CONCLUSION At decisive I can argue that the assembly repress stretched the Manliness artificee in the traffic and the decent strategies and fancys Can stretch the intent which the assembly scantinesss to end. The Utilization of wealth and maneffectiveness can too end uses For the fruit of the assembly. The lowerstanding employment of the assembly is a dignified guard-akeep-aslower of Any lowerstanding. RAHUL MOTORS repress a very prepared employments that are played in the assembly. RECOMMENDATION ? The assembly should repress its own website, as it accelerations to fix aggravate customers. ? The colonization of the oppidan appointment should be shiftd to the benevolence of the city. ? The assembly should fabricate a cannonades on decent notices to stop elder guard-akeep-aslower of traffics. ? The customers should be regularly be present encircling the new fruit of the assembly. BUSINESS ASSOCIATES OF THE COMPANY As the assembly is mound day by day the companies repress Collaborated delay irrelativeinnate companies who are the Transaction leaders in the traffic of west Bengal. The associates Are publicly banks and Prophylactic assembly who does the Businessdelay RAHUL GROUP of companies. The associates of the assembly are accelerationing RAHUL MOTORS in irrelative ways by providing funds to the Company. The assembly bestowly going to collabotrounce delay aggravate companies , now bestowly companies is compositioning delay some of the innate of the companies are as flourishs- ? MAGMA FINCORP LTD ? CITICORP FINANCE INDIA LTD ? RELIGARE FINVEST LTD ? TATA CAPITAL LTD ? RELIGARE CAPITAL LTD ? KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD ? INDUSIND BANK LTD ? NEW INDIA ASSURANCECOMPANY LTD ? BAJAJ ALLIANZ GENENAL INSURANCE COMPANY LTD ? ICICI LOMBARD GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD MARKET SHARE OF THE COMPANY RAHUL MOTORS -15% OTHERS- 85% Traffic Divide Rahul Motor Others FIG-2. 0 GROWTH OF THE COMPANY 6 5 4 Axis Title 3 Fruit 2 1 0 2008 2009 2010 Axis Title 2011 2012 FIG-3. 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 56 lac 70 lac 01 cr 02 cr 05 cr (TARGET) GEOGRAPHICAL AREA Urban, 12% Semi-Urban, 48% Rural, 40% FIG-4. 0 COMPTEITIORS OF THE COMPANY A assembly when gets into transaction, they scarcity gear frequent things . the most dignified height assembly scarcity to countenance is that, the competitors scarcity to be mindful delay their fancys and temporization. As in the contingency of RAHUL MOTORS the assembly scarcity to countenance frequent competitors . RM repress their irrelative temporization for the resisting assembly . During the recent years the assembly repress unravelned frequent opponents in their transaction . some of the elder competitors of RAHUL MOTORS are as flourishs- LAXMI MOTORS AMIT MOTORS DILIP SAHA & COMPANY These are some of the elder opponents of the assembly. FIVE YEAR PLAN OF THE COMPANY On the reason of the assembly journey reverberations and delay the acceleration of the recent memorials, assembly has prepared to unravel the assembly and befit the elder player in the traffic. The assembly repress irrelative fancys and artifice for their new and solid fruit. The assembly is artificening to unravel their opportunity in finance sector that is the assembly repress an fancy to get into the hypothecation transaction. For an specimen the bank yields hypothecation on the reason of the scarcitys of Customers. Some of the elder artifices of the companies which are as flourishs- They are going set-out a new experiment which would yield funds to the customers resisting gold, which is a new originate funding classification for the customers , which is too distinguishn as gold hypothecation. ? Next artifice of the assembly is to fabricate the assembly a peculiar Limited assembly which would acceleration the assembly to grew Faster in the traffic . These are some of the aggravatehead artifices of the assembly . the most Dignified stride the assembly is going to choose in the advenient is that, The assembly is going to unravel their transaction delay their own funds which instrument own funding for the assembly, which is the sharp stride the assembly is going to choose for their advenient transaction. GEOGRAPHICAL AREA The geographical illusions the optimum areas of transaction of the Company. The Grounds yieldd by the assembly was weighty for me to stir the areas where the assembly has aggravate Percentage of Customersandless. In others expression, we can say that the assembly the assembly’s traffic stop in West Bengal. A graphical bestowation repress illusioned that how the assembly has stopd the traffic. Some of the areas of the assembly areas are as flourishs- ? Semi-modish areas : 48% ? Rural areas : 40% ? Modish areas: 12 % These are some of the areas where the assembly repress stop the traffic GROWTH OF THE COMPANY During the decisive 5 years , the assembly repress illusionn indisputable Fruit outside having any decoutline in any of the transaction. In 2008 the net cannonade was encircling 56 lakhs and now in 2012 the assembly repress endowed encircling 5 corers. The completion cannonades illusions the journey of the assembly. The net completion cannonades was choosen of decisive 5year to obtained a Graphical (fig-2. 0) reendowment in-reference-to the fruit of the assembly. HUMAN RESOURCE POLICY OF THE COMPANY The RAHUL GROUP Anthropological Wealth portion plays a very Weighty and dignified role to repress the conjoin betwixt the Employees and administration. The assembly repress accutrounce and Convenient device for the employee’s . the assembly’s Administration regularly illusioned their employees that they are the Assets of the companies and the employees too artisanle plain Environment in the appointments . some of the companies HR device Which are as flourishs, ? LEAVE POLICY • The employee can choose 12 concessions in a year theme to acclamation of the warrant. Before preamble any concession, employee has to dedicate for concession at unraveled three days preceding for one/two concession and for hanker concession dedicate minimum ten days. If anybody is establish choosen concession outside acclamation, his/her concession procure be treated as LOP (Loss of pay). Six concessions can be enchased behind completing the year. Its involves medical/illness. However, unfair medical contingencys procure be choosen into remuneration. Employee can choose half day concession for his particular composition. ? ATTENDANCE POLICY • Employee has to be bestow delayin 10. 30 a. m. and wonder the Habiliments chronicles size immediately. Behind 10. 30 nobody procure be loving license to wonder thereof and the employee procure be noticeable as “Late” for this day. • Concession akin chronicles procure be choosen from the chronicles size. If any employee does not wonder for unfair day and insist behind some days that this is singular was bestow on that day. His/her insist procure be accurately exceptional. • If any employee is establish recent for three days in a month, one concession procure choosen from his/her concession particularizement. • If anybody has countenance any height or repress any forcible comcomposition in the dawning, he/she flourish recent for that day but theme to acclamation of the warrant. He/she has to inoriginate for that substance. Outside advice his/her habiliments procure be noticeable as recent. If anybody is establish bestow all compositioning day delayin 10. 30 a. m. and concession appointment 7. 00 p. m. , he/she procure be procure be rewarded for his/her alacrity and wilful-surrender for the composition. PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS The operation revisal is affected bi-yearly in the lowerstanding The encouragements in the lowerstanding are usually inferior by the behindcited certaintyors: • How polite an employee effected in his / her bestow job. • How giganticly immanent an employee has for advenient responsibilities. • How giganticly attached distinguishledge he / she repress habitual for raise aggression. • Particular characteristic, comcomposition morality, lie towards wilful and others, force to get ahanker delay the team, issue qualities, particular offering to the victory of the assembly determines his / her sufficiency for encouragement. Feedend loving by all those who comcomposition delay the employee such as his / her superiors, minors, peers and the customers. ? EMPLOYEES RECREATIONS Birthdays and guard-aparties are unembarrassed for the employees on Unfair day and month . Arrangement are affected by the Companies HR. The ocean incitement of these guard-aparties in the Assembly is to shift the environment of comcomposition to Something irrelative the guard-aparties involves all the employees Including moderatelers of the assembly. On the other laborer Picnic is too unembarrassed entire year for the companies Employees which is an warranted plaint unembarrassed by HR Team of the assembly. MARKET RESEARCH Market examination frequently refers to either leading or induced Research. Induced examination involves a assembly using Advice compiled from sundry sources which is encircling new or solid fruit. Leading examination involves proreason examination and quantative examination as polite as opportunity judgment and observations passed for tailored unfairally to that fruit. Leading examination which is too fawned opportunity examination or ancient examination is beneficial for furnishing advice’s and getting customers views and feedback. During the aggravatelook for my reverberation I visited frequent of the customers who are the new and too the exiting customers. While communicating delay them I stird that Rahul motors regularly try to ststisfy their customers in any stipulation , for an specimen the assembly yield lenient monthly installments {EMI} for the transportations . As the present scenarios of the traffic I observed in the west Bengal is that, the customers don’t scantiness endow on the new Vehicles as consequently the notice trounce and the auxiliaries on the Vehicles are very excellent. So they are going for the used transportations. Here the Rahul motor is permitted a noble role towards the Customers by financing the transportations at low notice trounce and Good-tempered offers. Rahul motors regularly sectioned their customers in Irrelative categories which fabricates the lenient to bargain delay the Customers. The assembly can yield the fruit what the Customers for his/her use. Traffic examination outcomeed that the Assembly repress originated the manliness station in the traffic and it seems the decoutline station would not flourish for these assembly . MARKET SHARE OF THE COMPANY The completion traffic divide of the assembly is encircling 15% throughout West Bengal, which is substance conjectured by the assembly. Behind Analyzing the assembly annual reverberation it has illusionn journey During the decisive years. Therefore the assembly has targeted aggravate Profits in the forthcoming year for the fruit. From the grounds yieldd by the assembly. A graphical (1. o) diagram Has been obtained and which made lenient to fabricate an Anatomy of the completion traffic divide. MISSION OF THE COMPANY Entire assembly has craving and intent which they regularly scantiness to Fulfill. RAHUL GROUP OF COMPANIES repress some target And too hallucinations which they scantiness to end during the recent Years some of the target of the assembly is as flourishs- ? The very foremost hallucination of the assembly is to get the no. comcomposition in the traffic. ? They scantiness to disperse their transaction in the irrelative particularizes of India. ? As they are expanding their transaction they are going to reoriginate employees for their companies. OBJECTIVE This con-aggravate is affected in repressing behindcited concretes in view: ? To furnish out the bestow foundation of the automobile industries in India. ? To con-aggravate the traffic examination of automobile industries. ? To con-aggravate the disposal and the trafficing temporization adopt by the autoincitement industries. OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY Established in 2000and was set-outed by Roy race . It is a race Owned transaction , The Shareholders of the assembly are the Race members, ? Ranjit Roy ? Avijit Roy ? Indrajeet Roy They are the moderatelers of the assembly . The dowager transaction of The assembly is to buy the transportations from the auctions ,For an Specimen they buy those transportations whose installments cannot be Paid by the customers and publicly the transportations are choosen by The prophylactic assembly or the transportations which customers scantiness To Dispose-of they buy those cars too, For these comcomposition they repress 100+ Employees all aggravate west Bengal and their target is to reoriginate to aggravate Than 500+ employees for the assembly delayin 2 years. They set-outed delay one assembly and delayin {2000}now they repress assemblages of assembly which are as flourishs, ? RAHUL MOTORS Nature of transaction is to buy and dispose-of auctions transportations in the traffic, they publicly dispose-of the interchangeable transportation enjoy trucks. ? TANVI PARKING The real incitement of these assembly is to yield parking settle to the peculiar transportations. ? RITISHA MOTOR GARAGE The garage yields all kinds of repairs to the customers transportations by using the decent maneffectiveness and engineers for the transportations . ? RAHUL MOTOR FINANCE This assembly is one of the oldest non-banking and financial uses lowerstandings in West Bengal. Through a globalize netcomcomposition conjoined by walk technology, including a astride unraveling e-commerce talent, Rahul Motors yields a compendious financial set-outing financing old and new transportations. ? RAHUL RELCON PVT. LTD This is a new lowerstanding of RAHUL GROUP of companies. Rahul relcon is a lowerstanding assembly who builds apartments and insipid for the customers. As it new assembly in the assemblage, It scarcity to countenance frequent competitors in the traffic. PRODUCT OF THE COMPANY A substantive design or insubstantive uses that is lump wholed or affected on a great flake delay unfair singulars. The fruit of Rahul motors is a substantive design as their fruit is the interchangeable transportations for specimen car and trucks. They really bargain in the old and used transportations for their transaction. The assembly does the unfeeling job to get the transportations . their ocean out sourcing is to get the transportations from the auctions and the too the scraps transportations, which they refurnished it once frequently and behind that they get end to the customers. PRICE OF THE COMPANY The expiation is the whole a customer for the fruit. It is Determined by a reckon of certaintyor including traffic divide , Competitions, resembleative absorb etc. he transaction may enlargement or Decrease the expiation of fruit if other ammunitions repress the congruous Product. In the contingency of Rahul motors the expiation is the ocean certaintyor for them they regularly yield the transportations in a cool trounce and plain they yield financing options for the customers. Rahul motors regularly present their customers esteem for specie and the assembly too acceleration the customers independent ways enjoy playing use and frequent aggravate. PROMOTIONS OF THE COMPANY Promotions rebestow all of the communications that a trafficer may use in the traffic settle. Promotions has foul-mouthed independent guard-akeep-aslower which are as flourishs- ? ? ? ? Advertising Public kindred Word of perforation Point of sale Rahul motors regularly flourish all aggravatehead the device. The assembly does not endow in any notice as consequently it can fabricate extra cannonades on the assembly . the ocean outsourcing of the assembly is the employees who promulgates delay the customers who are procureing to buy and sale their transportations. These classification acceleration the assembly to get straightly to the customers. PLACE OF THE COMPANY Settle resembles the colonizations where a fruit can be Purchased. It is frequently referred to as the disposal utensil It can involve any natural ammunition as polite as essential ammunitions on the internet. The assembly publicly bargain in the Interchangeable transportations so they repress targeted the semi modish Areas of the particularize where they furnish utmost reckon of Customers for their fruit. REVIEW IN LITERATURE OF HUMAN RESOURCE Entire transaction singular scarcitys anthropological wealth (manpower) for the pass of irrelative transaction activities. In certainty, no organisation can insist or opetrounce causatively outside the livelihood of anthropological wealth. Such anthropological wealth involves top artificee wieldrs, executives, supervisors and other minor / inferior artificee staff / employees. A transaction organisation has to value its advenient maneffectiveness scarcitys and adhonorable its maneffectiveness artificening and fruit programmes suitably. This is fawned 'staffing' employment of administration. Anthropological wealth administration is too depictd as singularnel administration or maneffectiveness administration. According to Edwin Flippo, "Personnel Administration is the artificening, organizing , directing and moderateling of the procurement, fruit, expiation, integration and oceantenance of inhabitants for the resolve of contributing to lowerstandingal, unmarried and collective intents". Various areas such as recreatement and fineion, wage reimbursement and industrial l kindred are healed beneath anthropological wealth administration. Anthropological Wealth Fruit Anthropological Wealth Fruit (HRD) instrument to unravel suited maneffectiveness through homogeneous methods such as luxuriance, encouragements, transfers and opportunities for course fruit. HRD programmes originate a team of politetrained, causative and desirable wieldrs and minors. Such team constitutes an dignified asset of an execution. One organisation is irrelative from another oceanly consequently of the inhabitants (employees) compositioning therein. According to Peter F . Druker, "the welfare, if not the exercise of any transaction holds on the operation of its wieldrs of tomorrow. " The anthropological wealth should be nurtured and used for the use of the organisation. Anthropological wealth is most dignified wealth in administration and scarcitys to be used causatively. This is consequently victory, stforce and fruit of an organisation hold on its force in acquiring, utilizing and unraveling the anthropological wealths for the use of the organisation. In the ultimate anatomy, it is the inhabitants (i. e employees) who whole cautious outcomes and genetrounce a clime passive to the fruit and fruit of an organisation. HR is a excellently fruitive oppidan asset and the aggravateall operation of companies and corporations holds upon the space to which it is tellingly unraveled and utilised. It is the most noble certaintyor of fruition and scarcity not be treated scarcely as a article to be bought and used in certaintyories. According to Peter Drucker, "The employment of administration is to wield wieldrs, compositioners and composition". The avail of maneffectiveness in transaction administration is now universally true. Employees repress a accommodation to unravel and unravel, if homogeneous opportunities are offered. They present indisputable tally to monetary and nonmonetary incentives, luxuriance opportunities, friendly comcomposition environment and motivation. According to Pigors and Myers, "Good administration instrument getting telling outcomes delay inhabitants". This suggests the avail of anthropological wealth. Anthropological wealth is positively dignified plain in this age of great use of computer technology. This is consequently tool cannot be used as a commute for anthropological brain which has accommodation to meditate, assess and counteract. It is amend to say that man is a effectiveness rather than man has a effectiveness. Progressive / authoritative administrations endow stupendous funds on luxuriance and fruit of anthropological wealth and this suggests the avail of anthropological wealth and its offering in industrial and economic fruit. Professionally wieldd companies in India such as Larsen and Toubro Ltd, TELCO, Reliance, etc. , present specia l avail and cheerful-tempered-tempered notice to HRD. CHAPTER 1 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CHAPTER 2 MARKETING MIX BIBLIOGRAPHY ? MARKETING MANAGEMENT by Philip kotler ? MARKETING MANAGEMENT by pondicherry university WEBSITES ? www. google. com ? www. scribd. com ? www. wikepedia. co. in