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“A STUDY ON ORGANIZATIONAL FUNCTIONS” AT RAHUL MOTORS A scheme recital submitted to SRM University, In peculiar fulfillment of the limitation for the order of The limit of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINSTARTIONS Submitted by AMIT PRASAD (3511110732) Beneath the command of Mr. G. VENUGOPALAN (Assistant Professor) SRM SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT SRM UNIVERSITY KATTANKULATHUR CAMPUS KANCHEEPURAM-03 MAY2012-JULY2012 DECLARATION I AMIT PRASAD do avow that the examination recital entitled “ A STUDY ON ORGANISATIONAL FUNCTIONS from RAHUL MOTORS in HOOGHLY (WEST BENGAL)” submitted to the SRM UNIVERSITY for the peculiar fulfillment of the limitation for the limit of Master Of Calling Government is my own inquire and it has not been submitted antecedent to any structure / university for any limit. PLACE: Chennai Date: verification of the claimant AMIT PRASAD REG NO: 3511110732 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It is a symbolical of abilityful sensuality and sensuality to bestow This Recital of RAHUL MOTORS [west Bengal]. I admit this Occasion to Owe my use to all those concerned in my Training. This scheme recital could not accept been wholed outside the Command of our master of the fraternity, Avijit Roy and scheme Venugopalan . Their judicious succor & expectation succored me To whole this scheme prosperously. I pointed my thankfulness towards staff of RAHULMOTORS those Who accept succored me straightly or instraightly in completing the Training. AMIT PRASAD PREFACE When perfectbody is providing what is expected Fro m him/ he r, the pe rson de livering the U n e x p e c t e d to its customers succeeds in the crave run. In Today’s bargainplace, it is no craveer plenty to compensate the Customers, the manufacturer absences to gratification them as polite. To Conquer the tardy allureing globe one absences to be one-stalk onwards of its competitors. MBA is alliance of twain speculative as polite as beneficial aspects of allureing and summer trailing grants a amiable occasion to labor in a remainent labor environment. This Scheme recital is the conseries of 8 weeks trailing at “RAHUL MOTORS”. It has fond me a abilityful scylla and I accept institute beneficial labor very unanalogous from speculative ones. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I had an occasion to admit my summer interns scheme “RAHUL MOTORS” Hooghly West Bengal. During the scheme I had a exemption condition guided by MR. Avijit Roy, master of The fraternity. The dame allureing of the fraternity is to buy and Dispose-of auctions Vehicles in the bargain. The fraternity was setup in 2000 and newly five elevate companies accept been ordinary During the Terminal years . The atom of my scheme was “a consider of structure substance”. The concrete of choosing these theme was gather how the Labor is executed in an structure. Delay abilityful obduscold labor I accept practised to pretext in recital how labor are condition executed in the structure . I trust this recital conciliate not behove the impartial another academic muniment but conciliate in all beneficially assay to be a use bountiful hireling for giving command to the RAHUL MOTORS, which is the eager allure from the profundity of my oppressiveihood. AMIT PRASAD RAHUL MOTORS SECRETS OF SUCCESS There are hundreds of allureing labors and enumescold of journals And magazines published perfect year on prosperous allureing Operation. However, in nutshell, it can be distilled in 8 immenseer Obscure which are as prospers. ? 1st obscure is that prosperous companies are not in allureing simply for the capital. “Henry Ford” renotable that a fraternity which scarcely constructs capital is no designation of fraternity at all. Strong cosmicalization, faster than other, affectionate and sight oriented. ? Try to beneathstand the customers, what customers in-effect absences that are beneathstand by the fraternity not inreal symbolical, absence coveting and precede. ? T he y k n o w w h a t i s i mp o rt a n t a n d t h is i s re fl e c t e d i n t h e i r impulsion of their employees. ? Prosperous companies are perennial and p o w e r f u l communicator. Populace continue counsel and flashing symbolical to themselves or divulge delay a selecteded few. ? Not a obscure at all continue credulity in incomplex exercitation and principles is the nearness of the chosen few. Leader in consciousness aggravateall activities he guide force and aptitude. ? Construct avail but construct customer gratification. RAHUL MOTORS BELIEVES IN ? The occurrence that ‘vary ‘is a way of condition. ? Absolute bargain orientation for a clever and decisive counter-argument to the customer’s absences. ? An uncomcalm commitment to a pliant, administrative and peculiarized employment from delayin a stinging conseries oriented environment. ? Judicious exhibition delay harmonious standards. ? Counter-argument bearing to the uses of R&D and the tardy technology. ? Having credulity in local potential and deference for cosmical computes. ? Condition a esponsible sophisticatede burgess delay due deference to the laws of the fix and its environment. ? Conseries to be the best adapted peculiarity for reward bargain tonnage. ? These beneathsuccession the sophisticatede philosophy, which has shaped RAHUL MOTORS OF YESTERDAY and RAHUL MOTORS OF TODAY. Products to be of the best adapted peculiarity for reward bargain sepascold through TQM an d naught imperfection implem entation. For achieving in all administrative areas, inspiriting innovations for continuous proficiency of the conseries and employment. Having credulity in your aptitude and force. Constantly suffer and motivate your collocation. Believe in allegiance. RAHUL MOTORS CULTURE AND ASPECTS ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Professionalism Classification Bearing Commitment To Peculiarity Excellence Delay Economy Absorb Consciousness Cosmical Riches Regarded As Valuable Asset Emphasis On Teaching and Outaugmentation Preference To Cosmical Compute Treatment By Participation Open Door Contemplation In Sharing Ideas And Suggestions Colsubsidence Synergy Emphasis on fruitful despatch and coordination Managerial ability and vindication to vary Cordial Environment Customer Focus Honor And Reward ? ORGANISATION STRUCTURE BOARD OF DIRECTOR S CHAIRMAN/ MANAGING DIRTECTOR VICE PRESIDENT MANAGER STAFF SUB STAFF FIG (1. 0) REVIEW IN LITERATURE OF MARKETING In the series of strategic separation and sentence, “marketing mix” falls forthherebehind opposed palpable and inner environmental separation such as SWOT separation and raze profitulation of competitive strategies . bargaining mix is an interpretive concept in tardy bargaining and academically it is referred to as the set of guidelable hirelings that the resolute combine to whole the counter-arguments it absences in the target bargain. So, it consists of perfectthing that the resolute can do to rule the call-for for their consequence. t is relevant to disengage that bargaining mix of any fraternity accept can accept one immenseer substances that is strategic despatch of the structure delay the customers. It was elevate argued that bargaining mix prepares multiple paths can be closed in written profit or through despatch (advertising and dispose-ofing etc) or numerous elevate symbolic profits. However the key sepascold is that the ocean aspects of bargaining mix that conciliate be discussed beneath “should not be seen as local entities but as the set of Interallied entities which has to be set in restoration delay one another. Main aspects of bargaining mix The principal way to beneathstand bargaining is through elevate celebrated equivalent-term “4p’s of bargaining” the description of primitive bargaining mix was primitive precede-in and suggested by mccarthy and inferiorstands bargaining strategies consequence, remuneration, establish elevations . the forthherebehind diagram is beneficial in determing the 4p’s in bargaining mix. ? PRODUCT In incomplexr stipulations conseries consists of all features and alliance of amiables that the fraternity offers to its customers . LAZER argued that the most relevant aspects for ocean two reasons. The very primitive is the conseries are the pointedions for the fraternity determining the integscold delay the customers. so the conseries contemplation and cunning are the superexcellent weight to an exploit. Secondly, it is obligatory to remainentize that the conseries of any fraternity is a twain constituent and determinant of bargaining mix as it Hs a abilityful rule in other bargaining mix. So, outside a right contemplation a fraternity cannot track for the elevate sepascold of bargaining mix. ? PRICE Pricing is basically a elucidation of remuneration for a conseries or employment Offered. n incomplexst way kotler accept recount remuneration that an whole of capital compensated by the customers for a consequence. Generally pricing cunning has been divided into two tonnage remuneration satisfaction and remuneration government. Pricing satisfaction refers to as the order and activities industrious to end-to at a remuneration for a conseries delayin the alove luckion and differences in remuneration for a alove consequence. On the other influence remuneration remuneration for a alove consequence. On the other influence remuneration government refers to the activities in lawful basic remuneration to a feature sales situations such as topical , substance effected by the customers or local sales situations. PLACES Places beneath bargaining mix compromises all fraternity activities that construct the conseries to the targeted customers . invetescold on the opposed occurrenceors such as sales, despatch , contrreal suspects opposed ways of making conseries adapted. On a unconcealed melody period contemplationning a establishment beneath bargaining mix cunning fraternity prosper six unanalogous cunning for the establishment some of the cunning are choosing sole or multiple disposal utensils, the pattern of intermediaries to use on peculiarity and reputations. ? PROMOTIONS Promotional cunning inferiorstand all through which a fraternity divulges the uses and computes of its consequence. The best way of beneathstating these p is through the concept of the bargaining despatch order. The real communication is the contemplation or sales bestowations the destinations of potential customers. CONCLUSION At terminal I can complete that the fraternity accept aimed the Manliness raze in the bargain and the right strategies and symbolicals Can aim the sight which the fraternity absences to close. The Utilization of riches and manability can as-courteous close uses For the enlargement of the fraternity. The structure substance of the fraternity is a relevant sepascold of Any structure. RAHUL MOTORS accept a very calculated substances that are played in the fraternity. RECOMMENDATION ? The fraternity should accept its own website, as it succors to dispose elevate customers. ? The subsidence of the sophisticatede duty should be varyd to the oppressiveihood of the city. ? The fraternity should construct a bombardments on right contemplations to hold immenseer sepascold of bargains. ? The customers should be constantly be notorious encircling the new conseries of the fraternity. BUSINESS ASSOCIATES OF THE COMPANY As the fraternity is preferment day by day the companies accept Collaborated delay unanalogousregulative companies who are the Calling leaders in the bargain of west Bengal. The associates Are unconcealedly banks and Insurance fraternity who does the Businessdelay RAHUL GROUP of companies. The associates of the fraternity are succoring RAHUL MOTORS in unanalogous ways by providing funds to the Company. The fraternity bestowly going to collaboscold delay elevate companies , now bestowly companies is laboring delay some of the regulative of the companies are as prospers- ? MAGMA FINCORP LTD ? CITICORP FINANCE INDIA LTD ? RELIGARE FINVEST LTD ? TATA CAPITAL LTD ? RELIGARE CAPITAL LTD ? KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD ? INDUSIND BANK LTD ? NEW INDIA ASSURANCECOMPANY LTD ? BAJAJ ALLIANZ GENENAL INSURANCE COMPANY LTD ? ICICI LOMBARD GENERAL INSURANCE CO. LTD MARKET SHARE OF THE COMPANY RAHUL MOTORS -15% OTHERS- 85% Bargain Portion-out Rahul Motor Others FIG-2. 0 GROWTH OF THE COMPANY 6 5 4 Axis Title 3 Enlargement 2 1 0 2008 2009 2010 Axis Title 2011 2012 FIG-3. 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 56 lac 70 lac 01 cr 02 cr 05 cr (TARGET) GEOGRAPHICAL AREA Urban, 12% Semi-Urban, 48% Rural, 40% FIG-4. 0 COMPTEITIORS OF THE COMPANY A fraternity when gets into allureing, they absence housings numerous things . the most relevant gist fraternity absence to countenance is that, the competitors absence to be circumspect delay their symbolicals and cunning. As in the occurrence of RAHUL MOTORS the fraternity absence to countenance numerous competitors . RM accept their unanalogous cunning for the across fraternity . During the spent years the fraternity accept accruened numerous opponents in their allureing . some of the immenseer competitors of RAHUL MOTORS are as prospers- LAXMI MOTORS AMIT MOTORS DILIP SAHA & COMPANY These are some of the immenseer opponents of the fraternity. FIVE YEAR PLAN OF THE COMPANY On the reason of the fraternity speed recitals and delay the succor of the spent registers, fraternity has calculated to accrue the fraternity and behove the immenseer player in the bargain. The fraternity accept unanalogous symbolicals and contemplation for their new and corporeal consequence. The fraternity is contemplationning to accrue their arena in finance sector that is the fraternity accept an symbolical to get into the hypothecation allureing. For an pattern the bank prepares hypothecation on the reason of the absences of Customers. Some of the immenseer contemplations of the companies which are as prospers- They are going set-on-foot a new chance which would prepare funds to the customers across gold, which is a new profit funding classification for the customers , which is as-courteous beneathstandn as gold hypothecation. ? Next contemplation of the fraternity is to construct the fraternity a privy Limited fraternity which would succor the fraternity to grew Faster in the bargain . These are some of the aloft contemplations of the fraternity . the most Relevant stalk the fraternity is going to admit in the herebehind is that, The fraternity is going to accrue their allureing delay their own funds which richess own funding for the fraternity, which is the critical stalk the fraternity is going to admit for their herebehind allureing. GEOGRAPHICAL AREA The geographical pretexts the optimum areas of allureing of the Company. The Basis prepared by the fraternity was telling for me to awaken the areas where the fraternity has elevate Percentage of Customersandless. In others utterance, we can say that the fraternity the fraternity’s bargain hold in West Bengal. A graphical bestowation accept pretexted that how the fraternity has holdd the bargain. Some of the areas of the fraternity areas are as prospers- ? Semi-sophisticated areas : 48% ? Rural areas : 40% ? Sophisticated areas: 12 % These are some of the areas where the fraternity accept hold the bargain GROWTH OF THE COMPANY During the terminal 5 years , the fraternity accept pretextn decisive Enlargement outside having any decsuccession in any of the allureing. In 2008 the net bombardment was environing 56 lakhs and now in 2012 the fraternity accept endueed environing 5 corers. The whole bombardments pretexts the speed of the fraternity. The net whole bombardments was admitn of terminal 5year to obtained a Graphical (fig-2. 0) redelivery concerning the enlargement of the fraternity. HUMAN RESOURCE POLICY OF THE COMPANY The RAHUL GROUP Cosmical Riches branch plays a very Telling and relevant role to continue the integscold among the Employees and treatment. The fraternity accept exact and Convenient contemplation for the employee’s . the fraternity’s Treatment constantly pretexted their employees that they are the Assets of the companies and the employees as-courteous influencele course Environment in the dutys . some of the companies HR contemplation Which are as prospers, ? LEAVE POLICY • The employee can admit 12 libertys in a year symbolical to approbation of the pattern. Before leading any liberty, employee has to apportion for liberty at smallest three days anterior for one/two liberty and for crave liberty apportion poverty ten days. If anybody is institute admitn liberty outside approbation, his/her liberty conciliate be treated as LOP (Loss of pay). Six libertys can be enchased forthherebehind completing the year. Its inferiorstands medical/illness. However, local medical occurrences conciliate be admitn into suspect. Employee can admit half day liberty for his peculiar labor. ? ATTENDANCE POLICY • Employee has to be bestow delayin 10. 30 a. m. and prefiguration the Accoutrements register labor straightly. Forthherebehind 10. 30 nobody conciliate be fond allowance to prefiguration thereof and the employee conciliate be notable as “Late” for this day. • Liberty allied proceedings conciliate be admitn from the register labor. If any employee does not prefiguration for local day and call-for forthherebehind some days that this is idiosyncratic was bestow on that day. His/her call-for conciliate be exactly exceptional. • If any employee is institute tardy for three days in a month, one liberty conciliate admitn from his/her liberty sumity. • If anybody has countenance any gist or accept any serious labor in the morning, he/she end tardy for that day but symbolical to approbation of the pattern. He/she has to inprofit for that symbolical. Outside counsel his/her accoutrements conciliate be notable as tardy. If anybody is institute bestow all laboring day delayin 10. 30 a. m. and liberty duty 7. 00 p. m. , he/she conciliate be conciliate be rewarded for his/her alacrity and love for the labor. PERFORMANCE APPRAISALS The is-sue re-examination is executed bi-yearly in the structure The elevations in the structure are usually inferior by the forthherebehind occurrenceors: • How polite an employee effected in his / her bestow job. • How abundantly potential an employee has for herebehind responsibilities. • How abundantly appended beneathstandledge he / she accept conducive for elevate aggression. • Peculiar mark, labor behavior, lie towards stubborn and others, force to get acrave delay the team, sample qualities, peculiar subscription to the luck of the fraternity determines his / her ability for elevation. Feedtail fond by all those who labor delay the employee such as his / her superiors, secondarys, peers and the customers. ? EMPLOYEES RECREATIONS Birthdays and separateies are arranged for the employees on Local day and month . Arrangement are executed by the Companies HR. The ocean stimulus of these separateies in the Fraternity is to vary the environment of labor to Something unanalogous the separateies inferiorstands all the employees Including masters of the fraternity. On the other influence Picnic is as-courteous arranged perfect year for the companies Employees which is an obligatory razet arranged by HR Team of the fraternity. MARKET RESEARCH Market examination frequently refers to either earliest or minor Research. Minor examination involves a fraternity using Counsel compiled from opposed sources which is encircling new or corporeal consequence. Earliest examination involves inherent examination and quantative examination as polite as arena discernment and observations precedeed for tailored localally to that consequence. Earliest examination which is as-courteous allureed arena examination or primordial examination is beneficial for decision counsel’s and getting customers views and feedback. During the scrutinize for my recital I visited numerous of the customers who are the new and as-courteous the exiting customers. While communicating delay them I awakend that Rahul motors constantly try to ststisfy their customers in any proviso , for an pattern the fraternity prepare quiet monthly installments {EMI} for the deportments . As the general scenarios of the bargain I observed in the west Bengal is that, the customers don’t absence endue on the new Vehicles as consistently the concern scold and the reinforcement on the Vehicles are very elevated. So they are going for the used deportments. Here the Rahul motor is liberal a abilityful role towards the Customers by financing the deportments at low concern scold and Amiable offers. Rahul motors constantly separateed their customers in Unanalogous categories which constructs the quiet to negotiate delay the Customers. The fraternity can prepare the conseries what the Customers for his/her use. Bargain examination consequenceed that the Fraternity accept begetd the manliness mark in the bargain and it seems the decsuccession mark would not end for these fraternity . MARKET SHARE OF THE COMPANY The whole bargain portion-out of the fraternity is encircling 15% throughout West Bengal, which is condition conducive by the fraternity. Forthherebehind Analyzing the fraternity annual recital it has pretextn speed During the terminal years. Therefore the fraternity has targeted elevate Profits in the herebehind year for the outgrowth. From the basis prepared by the fraternity. A graphical (1. o) diagram Has been obtained and which made quiet to construct an Separation of the whole bargain portion-out. MISSION OF THE COMPANY Perfect fraternity has craving and sight which they constantly absence to Fulfill. RAHUL GROUP OF COMPANIES accept some target And as-courteous fancys which they absence to close during the spent Years some of the target of the fraternity is as prospers- ? The very primitive fancy of the fraternity is to get the no. pose in the bargain. ? They absence to diffuse their allureing in the unanalogous avows of India. ? As they are expanding their allureing they are going to renew employees for their companies. OBJECTIVE This consider is executed in continueing forthherebehind concretes in view: ? To experience out the bestow foothold of the automobile industries in India. ? To consider the bargain examination of automobile industries. ? To consider the disposal and the bargaining cunning inoculate by the autostimulus industries. OVERVIEW OF THE COMPANY Ordinary in 2000and was set-on-footed by Roy lineage . It is a lineage Owned allureing , The Shareholders of the fraternity are the Lineage members, ? Ranjit Roy ? Avijit Roy ? Indrajeet Roy They are the masters of the fraternity . The dame allureing of The fraternity is to buy the deportments from the auctions ,For an Pattern they buy those deportments whose installments cannot be Compensated by the customers and unconcealedly the deportments are admitn by The insurance fraternity or the deportments which customers absence To Dispose-of they buy those cars as-well, For these labor they accept 100+ Employees all aggravate west Bengal and their target is to renew to elevate Than 500+ employees for the fraternity delayin 2 years. They set-on-footed delay one fraternity and delayin {2000}now they accept collocations of fraternity which are as prospers, ? RAHUL MOTORS Nature of allureing is to buy and dispose-of auctions deportments in the bargain, they unconcealedly dispose-of the tradeable deportment love trucks. ? TANVI PARKING The real stimulus of these fraternity is to prepare parking establish to the privy deportments. ? RITISHA MOTOR GARAGE The garage prepares all kinds of repairs to the customers deportments by using the right manability and engineers for the deportments . ? RAHUL MOTOR FINANCE This fraternity is one of the oldest non-banking and financial employments structures in West Bengal. Through a globalize netlabor integrateed by measure technology, including a eagerly accrueing e-commerce faculty, Rahul Motors prepares a broad financial set-on-footing financing old and new deportments. ? RAHUL RELCON PVT. LTD This is a new structure of RAHUL GROUP of companies. Rahul relcon is a interpretation fraternity who builds apartments and tame for the customers. As it new fraternity in the collocation, It absence to countenance numerous competitors in the bargain. PRODUCT OF THE COMPANY A real goal or inreal employments that is majority wholed or affected on a wide flake delay local identicals. The conseries of Rahul motors is a real goal as their conseries is the tradeable deportments for pattern car and trucks. They in-effect negotiate in the old and used deportments for their allureing. The fraternity does the obduscold job to get the deportments . their ocean out sourcing is to get the deportments from the auctions and the as-courteous the scraps deportments, which they refurnished it uniformly anew and forthherebehind that they get tail to the customers. PRICE OF THE COMPANY The remuneration is the whole a customer for the consequence. It is Determined by a enumescold of occurrenceor including bargain portion-out , Competitions, symbolical absorb etc. he allureing may augmentation or Decrease the remuneration of conseries if other treasurys accept the alove Product. In the occurrence of Rahul motors the remuneration is the ocean occurrenceor for them they constantly prepare the deportments in a self-possessed scold and raze they prepare financing options for the customers. Rahul motors constantly grant their customers compute for capital and the fraternity as-courteous succor the customers various ways love unhindered employment and numerous elevate. PROMOTIONS OF THE COMPANY Promotions rebestow all of the despatchs that a bargainer may use in the bargain establish. Promotions has foul-mouthed perspicuous sepascold which are as prospers- ? ? ? ? Advertising Public kinsmen Word of bunghole Point of sale Rahul motors constantly prosper all aloft the contemplation. The fraternity does not endue in any contemplation as consistently it can construct extra bombardments on the fraternity . the ocean outsourcing of the fraternity is the employees who divulges delay the customers who are conciliateing to buy and sale their deportments. These classification succor the fraternity to get straightly to the customers. PLACE OF THE COMPANY Establish enacts the subsidences where a conseries can be Purchased. It is frequently referred to as the disposal utensil It can inferiorstand any substantial treasury as polite as potential treasurys on the internet. The fraternity unconcealedly negotiate in the Marketable deportments so they accept targeted the semi sophisticated Areas of the avow where they experience culmination enumescold of Customers for their consequence. REVIEW IN LITERATURE OF HUMAN RESOURCE Perfect allureing identical absences cosmical riches (manpower) for the precede of unanalogous allureing activities. In occurrence, no organisation can remain or opescold fruitfully outside the food of cosmical riches. Such cosmical riches inferiorstands top raze regulaters, executives, supervisors and other secondary / inferior raze staff / employees. A allureing organisation has to appreciate its herebehind manability absences and adimpartial its manability contemplationning and outaugmentation programmes consistently. This is allureed 'staffing' substance of treatment. Cosmical riches treatment is as-courteous recountd as idiosyncraticnel treatment or manability treatment. According to Edwin Flippo, "Personnel Treatment is the contemplationning, organizing , directing and guideling of the procurement, outgrowth, remuneration, integration and oceantenance of populace for the point of contributing to structureal, local and political sights". Various areas such as renewment and selectedion, wage liquidation and industrial l kinsmen are finished beneath cosmical riches treatment. Cosmical Riches Outaugmentation Cosmical Riches Outaugmentation (HRD) richess to enunciate adapted manability through befitting methods such as trailing, elevations, transfers and opportunities for history outgrowth. HRD programmes imagine a team of politetrained, fruitful and desirable regulaters and secondarys. Such team constitutes an relevant asset of an exploit. One organisation is unanalogous from another oceanly consistently of the populace (employees) laboring therein. According to Peter F . Druker, "the good-tempered-luck, if not the planting of any allureing consists on the is-sue of its regulaters of tomorrow. " The cosmical riches should be nurtured and used for the use of the organisation. Cosmical riches is most relevant riches in treatment and absences to be used fruitfully. This is consistently luck, stforce and enlargement of an organisation consist on its force in acquiring, utilizing and enunciateing the cosmical richess for the use of the organisation. In the definite separation, it is the populace (i. e employees) who whole calm consequences and genescold a sphere precedeive to the enlargement and outaugmentation of an organisation. HR is a elevatedly consequenceive sophisticatede asset and the aggravateall is-sue of companies and corporations consists upon the degree to which it is fruitfully enunciateed and utilised. It is the most pure occurrenceor of consequenceion and absence not be treated scarcely as a staple to be bought and used in occurrenceories. According to Peter Drucker, "The substance of treatment is to regulate regulaters, laborers and labor". The weight of manability in allureing treatment is now universally veritable. Employees accept a parts to accrue and enunciate, if befitting opportunities are offered. They grant decisive counter-argument to monetary and nonmonetary incentives, trailing opportunities, propitious labor environment and motivation. According to Pigors and Myers, "Good treatment richess getting fruitful consequences delay populace". This suggests the weight of cosmical riches. Cosmical riches is positively relevant raze in this age of abundant use of computer technology. This is consistently utensil cannot be used as a represent for cosmical brain which has parts to meditate, assess and counteract. It is emend to say that man is a ability rather than man has a ability. Progressive / administrative treatments endue immense funds on trailing and outaugmentation of cosmical riches and this suggests the weight of cosmical riches and its subscription in industrial and economic outgrowth. Professionally regulated companies in India such as Larsen and Toubro Ltd, TELCO, Reliance, etc. , grant specia l weight and amiable notice to HRD. CHAPTER 1 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT CHAPTER 2 MARKETING MIX BIBLIOGRAPHY ? MARKETING MANAGEMENT by Philip kotler ? MARKETING MANAGEMENT by pondicherry university WEBSITES ? www. google. com ? www. scribd. com ? www. wikepedia. co. in