You are the manager of a midsized company that assembles personal computers. You purchase most… 1 answer below »

You are the director of a midsized concourse that assembles special computers. You lapse most components—such as unpremeditated bearing perpetuation (RAM)—in a competitive dispense. Based on your dispenseing elaboration, consumers earning balance P75,000 lapse 1.3 times past RAM than consumers delay inferior incomes. One waking, you extract up a representation of The Wall Street Journal and peruse an condition indicating that a new technological breakthrough succeed encourage manufacturers to consequence RAM at a inferior part absorb. Based on this instruction, what can you anticipate to supervene to the appraisement you pay for unpremeditated bearing perpetuation? Would your counterpart qualify if, in restoration to this technological breakthrough, the condition indicated that consumer incomes are anticipateed to advance balance the direct two years as the distribution pulls out of recession? Explain