You are currently only invested in the Natasha Fund (aside from risk-free securities). It has an ex

You are currently simply invested in the Natasha Capital (secretly from risk-free securities). It has an expected give-back of 14% delay a contradiction of 20%. Currently, the risk-free admonish of curiosity-behalf of 3.8%. Your broker suggests that you add Hannah Corporation to your portfolio. Hannah Corporation has an expected give-back of 20%, a contradiction of 60%, and a mutuality of 0 delay the Natasha capital. a. Is your broker proper? b. You supervene your broker’s counsel and create a existing bombardment in Hannah store so that, regarding simply your foolhardy bombardments, 60% is in the Natasha Capital and 40% is in Hannah store. When you judge your finance confessor about your bombardment, he says that you made a succeed and should diminish your bombardment in Hannah. Is your finance confessor proper? c. You career to supervene your finance confessor’s counsel and diminish your inhospitableness to Hannah. Now Hannah represents 15% of your foolhardy portfolio, delay the security in the Natasha Fund. Is this improve amout of Hannah store to arrest?