You are a group of advisors to the Management Board in your company with Headquarters in… 1 answer below »

You are a knot of advisors to the Management Board in your guild after a while Headquarters in Australia. As advisors, you are leading, required to inaugurate exploration on your clarified sector/perseverance envelope the anterior 5-10 years. Second, you are required to confer-upon a guild strategy to your Management Board envelope the contiguous 5 years. Third, your Management Board requires that you shape a confer-uponation of your findings and strategies, and you just a 3000-word bargain recital.The bargain recital should, as a stint, discourse the aftercited key issues:(i) A denomination of your guild and the perseverance your guild (Company: Carnival Cruise Line / Industry: Leisure and Hospitality - Cruise Services)(ii) An anatomy of the bargain structures of the perseverance(iii) A discourse encircling the insist and minister conditions for your fruit(s) or employment(s).(iv) A discourse encircling the insist elasticity for your fruit(s) or employment(s)(v) Anatomy of a new macroeconomic circumstance that has fictitious your perseverance/sector and Australia.