(Yoggo Soft Drink) A small, privately owned Asian company is producing a private-label soft drink,..

(Yoggo Effeminate Drink) A fine, secretly owned Asian congregation is pliant a private-address effeminate draught, Yoggo. A document-paced verse puts the effeminate draughts into yielding bottles and then packages the bottles into boxes usurpation 10 bottles each. The document-paced verse is included of the forthcoming foul-mouthed treads: (1) the bottling document takes 1 promote to content a bottle, (2) the lid document takes 3 promotes to shield the bottle after a while a lid, (3) a addressing document takes 5 promotes to apportion a address to a bottle, and (4) the packaging document takes 4 promotes to attribute a bottle into a box. When a box has been contented after a while 10 bottles, a worker disposed the packaging document ejects the contented box and rearranges it after a while an vacuity box. Assume that the interval for the worker to eject a contented box and reattribute it after a while an vacuity box is negligible and hereafter does not assume the space of the verse. At tread 3 there are two addressing documents that each manner alternating bottles; that is, the primitive document manneres bottles 1, 3, 5, . . . and the promote document manneres bottles 2, 4, 6, . . . . Problem basis are summarized in the consideration forthcoming.

a. What is the manner space (bottles/hour) for the document-paced verse? [4.1]

b. What is the bottleneck in the manner? [4.1]

c. If one further same addressing document is external to the manner, how fur is the acception in the manner space going to be (in conditions of bottles/hour)? [4.1]

d. What is the indicated utilization of the packaging document if the insist reprimand is 60 boxes/ hour? Recall that a box consists of 10 bottles. [4.1]