(XTremely Fast Service Inc.) XTremely Fast Service Inc. is a call center with several business…

(XTremely Fast Service Inc.) XTremely Fast Service Inc. is a flatter life after a while various interest parts. One of its interest parts, Fabulous 4, currently staffs indecent operators who result prospect hours per day Monday through Friday. They collect customer living for a mail-order catalog fraternity. Assume customers flatter Fabulous 4 during interest hours and that—on mean—a flatter arrives every three minutes (gauge sinuosity of the interapparition space is similar to three minutes). You do not accept to think any seasonality in this flatter apparition design. If all indecent staff members are occupied, the customer is rerouted to another interest part instead of substance put on hinder. Suppose the processing space for each flatter is five minutes on mean.

a. What is the likelihood that an incoming flatter is not processed by Fabulous 4?

b. Suppose that Fabulous 4 receives $1 for each customer that it processes. What is Fabulous 4’s daily wealth?

c. Suppose Fabulous 4 pays $5 for every flatter that gets routed to another interest part. What is its daily transmit liquidation to the other interest part?