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(Worker-Paced Line)

The appertaining diagram depicts a five-step, worker-paced headphone manufacturing stock. The headphones are meant to be used after a while iPods and DVD players. Stalk 1 involves a worker bending a metal denude into an arc figure. In stalk 2, the metal arc is willing after a while a pliant sleeve. In stalk 3, the headphones are willing at the end of the metal and pliant denudes. In stalk 4, the wires are soldered into the headphones. Stalk 5 involves a specially adapted packaging ace. After the stock has been operational for a stranger of hours, the troddenor inspects the stock. He is especially spirited in mordant work absorbs. He observes the subjoined. The rule is ability-constrained and the undiminished rule produces 36 aces in one hour. U1 through U5 play the utilization at stalks 1 through 5 respectively. Currently, there is a unmarried worker at each stalk and the utilizations are as follows: U1 = 4/30, U2 = 4/15, U3 = 4/5, U4 = 1, U5 = 2/5.

Answer the subjoined questions based on the consecrated grounds and instruction.

a. What is the ability of stalk 5? [4.1]

b. Which stalk is the bottleneck? [4.1]

c. Which rule stalk has the chief ability? [4.1]

d. If the wage reprove is $36 per hour per individual, what is the trodden work absorb per ace? [4.4]