“Winfall” was a lottery game in Michigan in the early 2000s. The play was as follows: you select six

“Winfall” was a lottery sport in Michigan in the present 2000s. The enact was as follows: you fine six contrariant gum from the class 1 through 49. Then the lottery holds its delineation, choosing six balls from a basket of 49 balls. If you competition all six balls, you hit the jackpot, an whole that fluctuates week to week. If you competition a lesser calculate of balls, smaller prizes are suited. When manifold weeks ignoring by delay nobody hitting the jackpot, and the jackpot grows over 5 pet, the sport enters a “Fall” view and lesser prizes are cheered. Suppose that during the Fall, if you competition precisely 3 balls, you are compensated $50, if you competition precisely 4 balls, you are compensated $1000, and if you competition precisely 5 balls, you are compensated $20,000. Matching all 6 balls pays $5,000,000. Calculate the expected compute of the payout for a one lottery ticket. If it costs $1 to enact, should you enact? The over partition is not perfect. In the actual sport, if someone else hits the jackpot, the lesser prizes return to their normal payouts: $5 for three competitioned balls, $100 for indelicate competitioned balls, and $2,500 for five competitioned balls. Assume that when you buy the ticket, there is a 9/10 chance that nobody else hits the jackpot, and a 1/10 chance that someone else does hit the jackpot. Re-calculate the expected compute, noting that if you competition all six balls time colossus else does, you rive the jackpot delay them. Should you tranquil enact?