(Wildcat Cellular) Marisol is new to town and is in the market for cellular phone service. She has.. 1 answer below »

(Wildcat Cellular) Marisol is new to town and is in the traffic for cellular phone use. She has unwandering on Wildcat Cellular, which get yield her a open phone if she signs a one-year retrench. Wildcat offers distinct business cunnings. One cunning that she is because is determined “Pick Your Minutes.” Under this cunning, she would detail a amount of specifics, say x, per month that she would buy at 5¢ per specific. Thus, her upfront require would be $0.05x. If her experience is short than this amount x in a yieldn month, she loses the specifics. If her experience in a month exceeds this amount x, she would possess to pay 40¢ for each extra specific (that is, each specific used over x). For model, if she retrenchs for x = 120 specifics per month and her developed experience is 40 specifics, her completion jaw is $120 × 0.05 = $6.00. However, if developed experience is 130 specifics, her completion jaw would be $120 × 0.05 = (130 − 120) × 0.40 = $10.00. The similar rates dedicate whether the flatter is topical or desire length. Once she signs the retrench, she cannot exexchange the compute of specifics unwandering for a year. Marisol estimates that her monthly needs are best approachd by the natural division, delay a balance of 250 specifics and a criterion gap of 24 specifics.

a. If Marisol pick-outs the “Pick Your Minutes” cunning picturesque over, how frequent specifics should she retrench for? [15.4]

b. Instead, Marisol pick-outs to retrench for 240 specifics. Under this retrench, how fur (in dollars) would she foresee to pay at 40 cents per specific? [15.4]

c. A confidant advises Marisol to retrench for 280 specifics to fix poor surcharge payments (i.e., the 40-cents-per-specific payments). Under this retrench, how frequent specifics would she foresee to squander (i.e., unused specifics per month)? [15.4]

d. If Marisol retrenchs for 260 specifics, what would be her approach foreseeed monthly cell phone jaw? [15.4]

e. Marisol has resolute that she really does not approve surcharge fees (the 40-cents-per-specific fee for her experience in intemperance of her monthly retrenched specifics). How frequent specifics should she retrench for if she wants merely a 5 percent hazard of incurring any surcharge fee? [15.4]

f. Wildcat Cellular offers another cunning determined “No Minimum” that besides has a $5.00 unwandering fee per month but requires no commitment in conditions of the compute of specifics per month. Instead, the user is jawed 7¢ per specific for her developed experience. Thus, if her developed experience is 40 specifics in a month, her jaw would be $5.00 = 40 × 0.07 = $7.80. Marisol is obscure to flow among the “Pick Your Minutes” cunning picturesque over and the “No Minimum” cunning. Which should she pick-out?  [15.4]