Which of the following statements relate more to weather and which relate more to climate? (a) The..

Which of the forthcoming statements narrate past to clime and which narrate past to sphere?

 (a) The summers less are glowing and spongy.

 (b) Cumulus clouds immediately protect the entire sky.

 (c) Our decisive clime decisive winter was –29°C (–18°F).

 (d) The air clime beyond is 22°C (72°F).

 (e) December is our foggiest month.

 (f) The highest clime continually recorded in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, was 44°C (111°F) on July 10, 1936.

 (g) Snow is onflow at the rate of 5 cm (2 in.) per hour.

 (h) The medium clime for the month of January in Chicago, Illinois, is –3°C (26°F).