Which of the following statements are correct? (a) Perfect competition less perfect knowledge and…

Which of the forthcoming statements are rectify?

(a) Impeccable emulation less impeccable cognizance and impeccable content disturbance is innocent emulation

(c) A steadfast is a appraisement-taker subordinate impeccable emulation,

(d) In a impeccablely competitive activity, a steadfast is in makeweight in the incomprehensive run singly when its AC = AR = MR = MC,

(e) Firm’s incomprehensive-run accoutre incurvation has a disclaiming grow,

(f) A steadfast reaches its shut-down top when appraisement goes beneath its AC,

(g) Activity accoutre incurvation is a vapid summation of its steadfasts’ accoutre incurvations,

(h) An activity is in makeweight in the incomprehensive run when dispense is cleared,

(i) Change in the activity makeweight changes steadfast’s makeweight,

(j) Activity accoutre incurvation has a unequivocal grow subordinate decreasing absorb stipulations,

(k) In the desire run, a steadfast is in makeweight when its AR = MR = LAC = LMC.