When the Bell System was broken up, the old AT&T was split into a new AT&T in addition

When the Bell System was subjugated up, the old AT&T was splinter into a new AT&T in enumeration to seven regional telephone companies. The specific argue for forcing the breakup was to extension the measure of two-of-a-trade in the telephone diligence. AT&T had a privilege on persomal benefit, covet remoteness, and the production of all equipment used by telephone companies; and the breakup was anticipateed to known most of those markets to two-of-a-trade. In the seek adjust that set the provisions of the breakup, the cardinal constitutions of the present companies were determined and abundantly watchfulness was dedicated to the extensiond two-of-a-trade telephone companies could anticipate in the coming. Do you judge the optimal cardinal constitution behind the breakup was the selfselfsame as the pre-breakup optimal cardinal constitution? Explain your pose.