What is your view of the “people are not cars” debate?… 1 answer below »

Rejudgment the lection “Virginia Mason Medical Courage (Abridged)” and judge the axioms of the Case Study we’ve been using this semester.

  1. What is your judgment of the “people are not cars” deliberate?
  2. Is Kaplan’s access transferrable to St. Sebastian? Can other US soundnesseconomy organizations behoof from this access? If so, teach why. If not, teach why not?
  3. Based on what you’ve versed environing covet-range financial planning, what would you guide St. Sebastian to do balance the proximate 5 years, and how would you prioritize those commendations?

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Case Study – Background Lection – Strategic Skill - Banks The CEO of St. Sebastian Soundness System, a moderate-sized hospital scheme in a mid-sized, Midwest city has paid you to succor reverse things environing. The CFO is drooping a $3.7 darling intelligible mislaying this year, which achieve be gone-by than offset by non-intelligible pay. However, the board has made it intelligible that the situation must correct. If the scheme cannot yield a absolute intelligible lip in 2017, someone else is going to be the CEO. The CEO and CFO possess asked you to commend strategic accesses to selling their services in the fraternity that achieve succor reverse the financial ship environing. Your Soundness Scheme St. Sebastian is a fraternity-based soundness scheme. The elder skill team has an medium usurpation of 17 years. The qualification is the Chief Medical Officer (CMO). She has been in her aspect for two years and is the fourth CMO in that role in the gone-by ten years. The CEO and COO possess each been in their current roles for ten years. The scheme is moderate of the following: 1. Two enlightened, intelligent economy hospitals 2. Two covet message economy facilities 3. Two skilled nursing facilities 4. One covet-message intelligent-economy hospital (LTAC) 5. Four geographically reserved outpatient courages 6. Four Urgent Economy Centers 7. Two free-standing ambulatory surgery courages (ASCs) 8. A 400 component employed physician cluster that includes 180 Primary Economy Providers (PCPs). All 28 PCP practices are assured Level III Patient Centered Medical Homes by NCQA. The balance of the 1,000 component medical staff is generally moderate of enlightened, fractions clusters who possess varying degrees of ‘loyalty’ to the scheme. The Radiology and Emergency clusters, for illustration do 100% of their production at St. Sebastian and possess no holding of any without facilities. The Gastroenterology cluster, on the other operative, does production at the hospital, but too owns their own, freestanding endoscopy courage. The orthopedic cluster does 75% of their production at...