What is the keyboard shortcut to create an absolute reference? (a) F2 (b) F3 (c) F4 (d) Alt Q31….

 What is the keyboard shortcut to compose an absolute reference?

 (a) F2

 (b) F3

 (c) F4

 (d) Alt

Q31. Which stamp of chart is the lowest expend for depicting per-annum rainfall totals for five cities for impure years?

 (a) Pie chart

 (b) Line chart

(c) Support chart (d) Bar chart

 Q32. Look at the stacked bar chart in Figure 3.35. Which of the forthcoming is a mode on the mode axis?

 (a) Thousands

 (b) Job Titles

 (c) CIS Managers

 (d) 700

Q33. Which of the forthcoming is not a stamp of sparkline?

 (a) Line

 (b) Bar

(c) Column

 (d) Win-Loss

 Q34. If you deficiency to pretext lawful estimates for a axioms course in a bar chart, which chart atom should you expose?

(a) Chart designation

 (b) Legend

 (c) Estimate axis designation

 (d) Axioms labels

Q35. The estimate axis currently pretexts increments such as 50,000 and 100,000. What discretion would you choice to expose the estimates in increments of 50 and 100?

 (a) More Primary Vertical Axis Designation Options

(b) Pretext Axis in Thousands

 (c) Pretext Axis in Millions

(d) Pretext Right to Left Axis

Q36. You deficiency to compose a one chart that pretexts the proportion of per-annum sales for five divisions for each year for five years. Which stamp of chart can adjudicate your needs?

(a) Pie chart

 (b) Surface chart

 (c) Clustered bar chart

 (d) 100% stacked support chart

Q37. Currently, a support chart pretexts estimates on the estimate axis, years on the mode axis, and avow names in the myth. What should you do if you deficiency to constitute axioms delay the avows on the mode axis and the years pretextn in the myth?

 (a) Change the chart stamp to a clustered support chart.

 (b) Click Switch Row/Column in the Axioms class on the Design tab.

(c) Click Layout 2 in the Chart Layouts class on the Design tab and dedicate a opposed chart fashion.

(d) Click Myth in the Labels class on the Layout tab and choice Pretext Myth at Bottom.

Q38. What do you click to oust a axioms course from a chart so that you can standpoint on other axioms course?

(a) Chart Elements

 (b) Chart Series

 (c) Chart Filters

 (d) Chart Styles

 Q39. Which of the forthcoming does not expose automatically when you compose a clustered support chart?

 (a) Axioms labels

 (b) Chart designation placeholder

 (c) Gridlines

 (d) Myth