What are the CPT code(s) and modifiers if applicable. PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Chronic otitis media,.

What are the CPT statute(s) and modifiers if convenient. PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Chronic otitis media, left ear. POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Same. OPERATION PERFORMED: Myringotomy after a while eagerness and Eustachian tube inflation, left ear. OPERATIVE PROCEDURE: The unrepining was properly prepped and draped, and placed in sluggish collocation. General anesthesia was administered. Liberal microscope was draped and collocationed, and the left ear canal was courteous visualized. A 4-mm liberal speculum was introduced, and anteroinferior quadrant radial myringotomy was manufactured. Mucoid intermediate ear effluence was aspirated, and Reuter bobbin tube was inserted. Floxin otic drops and a cotton sphere were placed in the exterior meatus. The unrepining was delighted to the repossess admission in steady case, having tolerated the process courteous.