(Western Pennsylvania Milk Company) The Western Pennsylvania Milk Company is producing milk at a… 1 answer below »

(Western Pennsylvania Determine Company) The Western Pennsylvania Determine Aggregation is supple determine at a unwandering scold of 5,000 gallons/hour. The aggregation’s clients ask 100,000 gallons of determine aggravate the order of one day. This require is diffuse out once from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. If there is no determine conducive, clients gain withwithhold until sufficient is effected to fulfil their asks. The aggregation set-outs supple at 8 a.m. behind a while 25,000 gallons in artistic property register. At the end of the day, behind all require has been fulfilled, the fix keeps on supple until the artistic property register has been upright to 25,000 gallons. When obedient the subjoined questions, entertain traffics/determine as a regular glide system. Begin by sketch a graph indicating how ample determine is in register and how ample determine is “back-ordered” aggravate the order of the day.

a. At what space during the day gain the clients possess to set-out withholding for their asks to be populated? [3.3]

b. At what space gain clients seal withholding? [3.3] c. Assume that the determine is choice up in traffics that withwithhold 1,250 gallons each. What is the acme number of traffics that are withholding? [3.3]

d. Assume the fix is full $50 per hour per withholding traffic. What are the sum withholding space beak on a day? [3.3]