Vitalife Pty Ltd is considering buying a new vitamin C extraction machine….

Vitalife Pty Ltd is because buying a new vitamin C lineage implement. The implement is estimated to require $140,000 which can last for 7 years precedently it becomes too requirely to sustain and can be sold for bit at $20,000. The device is estimated to fetch in concomitant $27,000 currency inflow and run $12,000 in concomitant expenses akin to the floating the implement in the primitive year. The corporation expects there accomplish be an annual sales augmentation of 6% from year 2 in-advance. Expenses are so expected to gain-ground by 3% year-by-year from the second year of the influence. The corporation plans to capital the forfeiture of the new implement using a bank hypothecation after a while an share admonish of 11%. a. How crave is the payback determination for this device? Blank 1 years. Case perceptive. Type in 7.00 (two decimal places) for 7 years. b. What is the NPV for this device? $ Blank 2 . Case perceptive. Type in 120,000.00 (two decimal places) for $120,000.00, or -120,000.00 for disclaiming $120,000.00. c. What is the IRR for this device? Blank 3 %. Case perceptive. Type in 20.00 (two decimal places) for 20%. required admonish of revert is 11%.