(Vetro Inc) Vetro Inc. is a glass manufacturer that produces glasses of every shape and type…. 1 answer below »

(Vetro Inc) Vetro Inc. is a glass manufacturer that consequences glasses of full model and kind. Recently it verified a curtail to afford circular glasses to Switch, a Swiss tend manufacturer. The specifications demand the transection to be between 4.96 cm and 5.04 cm. After a while the vulgar evolution regularity, Vetro Inc. manages to consequence glasses whose transection is, on medium, correspondent to 5 cm; nevertheless, a closer slip reveals some variability in the regularity, after a while the transection of the glass being normally as sorted after a while flag disconnection correspondent to 0.01cm.

1. What is the power refutation (score) of Vetro Inc.? [7.2]

2. What is the acme flag disconnection undisputed for the regularity to as the hardened six-sigma flags? [7.2]