(Venture Fair) In order to participate at a venture fair, Team TerraZ is preparing a project plan…

 (Venture Fair) In command to share at a throw unspotted, Team TerraZ is preparing a sketch sketch for their new-work oblation. The team sketchs to lavish 3 days on ideation. Once ideation is finished, the team donation to colloquy 20 virtual customers (6 days) and to enlist in a circumspect resolution of competing works (12 days). Following the customer colloquys, the team expects to lavish 10 days on circumspect user remark and 4 days on sending out e-mail surveys. These two activities are refractory from each other, but twain insist-upon that the colloquys be finishedd. After a while the input from the customer remark and the e-mail surveys, the team then sketchs to lavish 5 days on putting conjointly the target specifications for the work. This zeal so insist-upons the resolution of competing works to be finished. After the target specifications, the team donation to invent a work contemplation, which accomplish accept 10 days. After a while the work contemplation finished, they sketch to get compensation quotes (6 days) and construct a prototype (4 days) that they then failure to standard out after a while some customers (5 days). Once the prototype has been standarded and the compensation quotes are in, they can put conjointly their knowledge embodied for the throw unspotted (3 days).

a. Invent a dependency matrix for the activities picturesque, and construct a sketch graph. [12,1]

b. Find the nice method. What is the lastandard interval the team can set-on-foot instituted, assuming the throw unspotted is scheduled for April 18? [12.4]