(Two-step) Consider the following two-step process: Step A has a processing time of 1 minute per… 1 answer below »

(Two-step) Consider the followingcited two-march mode:

Step A has a modeing duration of 1 tiny per ace, but no setup is required. March B has a modeing duration of 0.1 tiny per ace, but a setup duration of 9 tinys is required per contrive.

a. Suppose aces are performed in contrivees of 5 (i.e., following each set of 5 aces are performed, march B must meet a setup of 9 tinys). What is the parts of the mode (in aces per tiny)? [5.1]

b. Suppose they act delay a contrive extent of 15 and delay this contrive extent march A is the bottleneck. What would be the mean register following march B? [5.6]

c. What is the contrive extent that maximizes the run reprove of this mode delay minimal register? Assume there is bountiful ask-for. [5.6]