(Tom Opim) The following situation refers to Tom Opim, a first-year MBA student. In order to pay the 1 answer below »

(Tom Opim) The aftercited place refers to Tom Opim, a first-year MBA novice. In classify to pay the laceration, Tom decides to transfer a job in the computer continuity of a topical continuity supply. His barely trust is to counter-argument telephone oles to the continuity, most of which are inquiries environing supply hours and fruit availability. As Tom is the barely peculiar counter-argumenting oles, the superintendent of the supply is watchful environing queuing problems. Currently, the computer continuity receives an middle of one ole entire 3 specifics, after a occasion a banner failure in this interarrival date of 3 specifics. Tom requires an middle of 2 specifics to touch a ole. The banner failure in this processing date is 1 specific. The telephone association charges $5.00 per hour for the telephone continuitys whenever they are in use (either occasion a customer is in talk after a occasion Tom or occasion protraction to be helped).

Assume that there are no limits on the compute of customers that can be on hinder and that customers do not poise up flush if rigorous to abide a crave date.

a. For one of his courses, Tom has to discbalance a work (The Pole, by E. Silvermouse). He can discbalance 1 page per specific. Tom’s boss has agreed that Tom could use his inactive date for studying, as crave as he drops the work as precedently-crave as a ole comes in. How divers pages can Tom discbalance during an 8-hour change? [9.5]

b. How crave does a customer entertain to abide, on middle, precedently talking to Tom? [9.5]

c. What is the middle sum require of telephone continuitys balance an 8-hour change? Note that the continuity supply is billed whenever a continuity is in use, including when a continuity is used to put customers on hinder. [9.5]